Voyager Revisited #7 August 9, 2019
Voyager Revisited, Author, Author

Photons Be Free

On this episode, Jean talks to Barbara Greenberg, a publishing professional who provides editorial services to publishing houses and independent authors, an avid sci-fi reader, and a huge fan of Star Trek since 1966.

Barbara and Jean met in the 1990s, when they both worked in book publishing and have been BFFs ever since. Because of Jean has been laid up by knee surgery, Barbara traveled to Portland from NYC to spend a week helping out. This episode, the first one since Jean’s mishap in Trieste, was recorded with a makeshift setup on the bed.

For this episode, we chose “Author, Author” (S7E20), given our shared history in the publishing biz. The Doctor’s holonovel creates bad feelings among his crewmates, sparks a publishing contract dispute, and finally leads to the question of the legal standing of holograms.

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Author, Author (Memory Alpha)

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