Voyager Revisited #16 September 6, 2020
Faces, Season 1, Episode 14

Challenge Testing the Phage Vaccine

Frank Wu is back! Besides being a Hugo Award winning artist, Frank holds a Ph.D. in Bacterial Genetics. He’s the perfect guest to analyze—and criticize—the Vidiian scientists and their method for finding a cure for that debilitating and disfiguring curse known as The Phage.

With his genetics expertise, Frank also explains how unlikely it would be to successfully divide B’Elanna Torres into two individuals. Jean questions whether Klingon B’Elanna would actually know how to replicate a soufflĂ©, and whether Human B’Elanna would have ever dared apply to the Starfleet Academy.

Finally, Frank proposes a new field of science, Zoocryptoxenophrenology.

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