Voyager Revisited #11 December 21, 2019
Nightgale, Season 7, Episode 8

Captain Harry Kim On The Bridge

In the latest of our character-focused episodes, Frank Wu joins Jean to talk about Harry Kim. Frank is a four-time Hugo Award winning artist, who recently designed the bookcover for the Klingon translation of The Art of War. He is a super enthusiastic fan of all things Star Trek. We touch on some of the issues related to Asian representation in Kim’s character.

Kim is possibly the least upwardly-mobile Starfleet officer ever, having spent at least 7 years as an ensign. For this episode, we watch “Nightingale” (S7E8), in which Harry gets his chance to take over as captain of a alien medical ship under fire. It’s fun to see Harry in charge, despite Seven’s borgsplaining, but WARNING: to enjoy this episode, you must fast-forward through the B plot. (Sorry, Icheb, but yikes!)

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Show Notes

Frank Wu: Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

Sunzi’s Art Of War: A Klingon Translation by Agnieszka Solska (Translator), Frank Wu (Artist)

Nightingale (Memory Alpha)

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