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    Not Playing with Lex and Dan May 2, 2014 “Fargo”
    2.1 Fargo to Hell

    We're back. But we still haven't seen a lot of movies.

    After season one's romp through the 80s, Lex and Dan return for a new season of watching movies that everyone else has seen--but that they haven't. And for season two, we're now part of The Incomparable podcasting empire. (Not that Lex has seen The Empire Strikes Back. Yet.)

    Season two kicks off with a movie neither Dan nor Lex had seen prior: The Coen brothers' 1996 black comedy Fargo. Bust out your best North Dakotan accent and let's do this. Hot topics include character actors and the roles we recognize them from, feeling real emotions for fictional characters in comedies, and--of course--wood chippers.

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