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    Agents of SMOOCH September 15, 2023 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
    101 She Needs a Gardener

    Welcome to season 4 of Agents of SMOOCH! We are starting with Queen Charlotte with a very deep dive into the Great Experiment, love and mental health, and tending your garden at any age. The series gave our Agents more feelings than they expected, in the best way.

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    Agents of SMOOCH June 24, 2022 Bridgerton Season 2
    81 Glow Up for Real

    Are we a romance podcast if we aren’t talking about Bridgerton? We are back for Season 2 and Katony is here to try to win our hearts. Join our agents as they discuss love triangles, chemistry, and a slow-burn romance. We are in love with all the South Asian and Bollywood influences on this season. Do we love everything? Is there too much scandal? Did they show us the wrong wedding? Get out your mallet, it is time for the pall mall.

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    Agents of SMOOCH January 22, 2021 Bridgerton
    48 Sexually Literate

    Our Agents are on the mission of Bridgerton and ready to love and critique this new series that has taken romance by storm. We’ve got a lot to say about the adaptation from the Julia Quinn book series, how inclusive casting affects the story and characters, sex, speculation about what’s to come, and yes, even warp drives. Don your best frocks and suits, it is time to step out into a new kind of Regency society.

    Content Warning: Sex, Sexual Assault