Agents of SMOOCH #94 February 17, 2023
The Princess Bride

Is This a Kissing Podcast?

It’s time for more pirates and the beloved Princess Bride (1987) movie. This is a movie our agents know by heart but they are coming back to after a long period of absence. Does this change our perspective of the classic romantic adventure? We dive right in with a focus on the romance between Princess Buttercup and her Wesley. Is it a great epic romance? They also consider how this story might shift if anyone dared to give it a modern reboot (inconceivable!) or a sequel (looking at you Willow). Drop. Your. Sword. And get ready to skip straight to the kissing parts.

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Show Notes

Mandy Patinkin discussing the fight scene:

Pandemic Home Movie remake:

Need more Princess Bride? Our Incomparable friends love this movie like we do:

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