Agents of SMOOCH #49 February 5, 2021
Sex and Vanity

Preoccupation with Optics

Director Annette Wierstra (University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Royal Roads University) is joined by Agent Jean MacDonald (Beacon Hill, St. Lawrence, North Miami Beach Sr. High, University of North Carolina, Princeton) and Agent Sandra Wong (University of Alberta, Shizuoka National University) in this discussion about Kevin Kwan’s(1) (Crazy Rich Asians(2)) novel “Sex and Vanity.” This is an opulent(3) adaptation of the E.M. Forster novel and 1985 movie “Room with a View(4). This modern version is set in the decadent world of the uber-rich starring Lucie Churchill navigating family expectations and Society rules and high fashion(5). This retelling has all the romance and scandal with a good dose of humour and satire. Just note that there are so many characters that we forget half the names. And some places.

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Show Notes

Footnotes: 1. Read this interview with Kevin Kwan that we reference. 2. Agents of SMOOCH also discussed Crazy Rich Asians in episode 16 “Lifestyles of the Rich and Asian” during our Summer Vacation series. 3. Speaking of opulent this is how big 49 carets would be. AKA too big for any normal person. 4. Yeah, we talked about A Room with a View way back in episode 3 “Room with a Vyse.” We talk a lot about “why Cecil?” in that episode too.
5. If you find yourself trying to navigate the world of high fashion check out the “Speak Chic” app that Agent MacDonald mentions.

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