Incomparable Radio Theater #2.5 January 25, 2018
“The Monty Ashley Show”

I’ll Write Now

Sunday night at seven? That means it’s time for The Monty Ashley Show! What are Monty and his friends doing for New Year’s Eve? And isn’t it a bit late for that? Feuding aunts, wacky neighbors, an announcer entirely too entranced by gelatin, and a lot of mistaken identities later, will we ever find out how the cream gets in the cow? Don’t count on it. And is that really the band you hired? Good thing they work cheap. Steve is not in this one, but Chris is hair. Also, where the hell is David, and how is your mattress anyway?

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Show Notes

Written, directed, and edited by David J. Loehr before he passed out

“The Monty Ashley Show”

Starring Monty Ashley as Monty Ashley

with Kathy Campbell, Austin Tichenor, Dan Moren, Jason Snell, Kelly Guimont, Serenity Caldwell, Christopher Breen, Brian Hamilton, and David J. Loehr.