Incomparable Radio Theater #2.1 December 6, 2017
“Mahnke” and “VallĂ©e de Nuit”

And There’s a Creepy Doll

The show is back, if not the announcer, as David explores the lore around a doll museum at last, Steve hears voices, and we get the community news from a mysterious town in the French-Canadian desert. And just where is Phil anyway?

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Show Notes

Written, directed, and edited by David J. Loehr

Original music by Christopher Breen

  • David J. Loehr as the Narrator
  • Erika Ensign as Nora
  • Steve Lutz as Henry
  • Kathy Campbell as Miss Emily
  • Moises Chiullan as Cecil
  • Travis Bedard as Prof. Duffy
  • Iain MacKinnon as La Meteo

with Chip Sudderth, James Thomson, and Jason Snell