Incomparable Radio Theater #1.5 October 21, 2015
From the FQN Home Service

The Go On Show

Princeton, 1934: Tesla’s got amnesia, Schrodinger’s colleague has become a Mandroid, and Dot and a cat are trapped in the box with a robot…or not…wait…

We seem to have misplaced the conclusion to last week’s episode. Please enjoy this rare episode of The Go On Show from our sister service in the UK. Thank you.

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Show Notes

Written, edited, and almost everything else by David J. Loehr.


  • Kate Glasheen as Riding Hood


  • Travis Bedard
  • Christopher Breen
  • Moises Chiullan
  • Antony Johnston
  • David J. Loehr
  • Steve Lutz
  • Gregory Maupin
  • Jason Snell
  • Austin Tichenor, as her Merry Men


  • Serenity Caldwell as the Farm Wife