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Incomparable Radio Theater #1.10 November 24, 2015
“Marjorie Carter”, “There You Are”

That’s What Sidhe Said

When last we left Marjorie Carter, she was on the trail of her kidnapped sidekick, Milo, en route to Connemara and the mysterious Candle of Nuada. Also, if you’re curious about Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, There You Are!

[This ends our run for 2015. See you in December for a Christmas special.]

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Show Notes

Written by David J. Loehr

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Produced and edited by Jason Snell

Original music by Christopher Breen


  • Dan Moren as Announcer
  • Serenity Caldwell as Marjorie Carter
  • Jessie Char as Lily
  • Steve Lutz as Milo
  • John Moltz as Belloq
  • James Thomson as Angus MacInnes
  • Chip Sudderth as Henchman


  • Steve Lutz as Announcer
  • Allen Pike as Charles Babbage
  • Serenity Caldwell as McMahon
  • Karen Pike as Tate
  • Unexpected Visitors as Themselves


  • Philip Michaels, your announcer