Incomparable Radio Theater #1.1 September 21, 2015
“Timmy Preston: Galaxy Scout”, “Who Shot Merlin?”

Jumpin’ Jupiter!

Season Premiere: An “old friend” of Scoutmaster Greene’s makes trouble for Timmy and the Galaxy Scouts.

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Show Notes

Written by David J. Loehr

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Produced and edited by Jason Snell

Original music by Christopher Breen


  • Philip Michaels as your announcer
  • David J. Loehr as Paul Citron
  • Moises Chiullan as O. Leo Leahy


  • Andy Ihnatko as Announcer
  • Monty Ashley as Scoutmaster Greene
  • Steve Lutz as Timmy Preston
  • Jason Snell as JCN 3000
  • Julian Snell as Guildenstern
  • Jamie Snell as Didi
  • Tiffany Arment as Lady
  • Moises Chiullan as Scoutmaster Songh
  • Myke Hurley as Joachim
  • Carina Lutz as Gogo

WHO SHOT MERLIN?: “All’s Fair in Love and Murder”

  • Philip Mozolak as Announcer
  • Merlin Mann as Merlin