Not Playing with Lex and Dan #3 December 6, 2013

UHF Yeah

If you’ve never seen the 1989 cult classic UHF, well, you’re in good company. This week, Lex leads Dan through the wonderful world of Weird Al.

Hot topics include kitchen accessories, paragons of acting, and the surprising curriculum vitae of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

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Show Notes

As with every episode of Not Playing, there are two versions of the podcast. In the regular episode, we discuss what we know about the film before we watch, and then share our reactions immediately after the credits roll.

There’s also the Commentary Track, where we still discuss what we know about the film before we start watching it. Then, we provide a real-time commentary track on the film as it unfolds—and you can tag along. We’ll tell you when to press Play.

Topics Covered