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Defocused 336: The Lego Batman Movie

Batman should be fun!

Hugo Book Club Part 3

Two novels, many many short stories, rankings, and What Are We Reading?

Game Show - Ghost Court

We’re all out of order! And some of us are dead!

Return of the Prodigal Showrunners!

RTD and JMS return to their old haunts. What does this mean? The Streaming Wars have made us very confused. Also, a technical breakdown for the ages.

In Stereo, where available.

Old Movie Club: Rear Window/The Conversation

We’re listening!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Before the show, we say bad words. Moises reboots his Mac. Then we talk about the latest Marvel movie!

Defocused 335

Naval promotions, cinema, shooting Alexa LF and dropping it on film to scan it again for the ulimate cinematic mode, and Nolan News.


Kathy is proud of Jason for his restraint.

Ready Player One

A CEO gets his wings!

Defocused 334: The Suicide Squad

The other one.

Minority Report

If we post a podcast before it’s released, is it a pre-podcast?

Defocused 333: Birds of Prey

We have some editing notes.

"War of the Worlds" (2005)

Run, Tom Cruise! Scream, Dakota Fanning!

"A.I. Artificial Intelligence"

2000 years later…

Defocused 332: Suicide Squad

Not to be confused with “The Suicide Squad”.

"Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"

Clever Girl. Not-so-clever sequel.

Defocused 331: Hot Rod

Shifting gears back to silly, and light after ‘The Lighthouse’


So many variants, and an infinite amount of time.

Defocused 330: The Lighthouse

Fond of me lobster.

Are You The Spy? (V)

We’re back and better(??) than ever. Quinn only makes one mistake with the rules, but it is a brand new mistake, because we like to keep things interesting around here.

Black Widow

It’s a brand extension! It’s an action movie! It’s a delayed-by-pandemic hit! It’s on your TV! We say goodbye to ScarJo and hello to Black Widow 2.0 and the rest of the family.

Defocused 329: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

And soda fountains.

Defocused 328: The Punisher


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Boo bee boo boo boo.

Attack the Block

Mayhem and Probs would allow it!

2021 Awards Book Club, part 2

The Midnight Bargain, Murderbot V: Network Effect, Mexican Gothic, and What Are We Reading? (Erika’s reading a lot.)

Defocused 327

No movie this week. Coffee! Espresso! Corndog problem-solving!

Friendly Competition 6

Will you listen if we reveal that there’s no 20 Questions round this time?

Muppet Movie Pitches

Muppet movies we’d like to see.

Trivial Retreat 2

We can’t remember how this works, but it’s certainly trivial.