A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted--without having to be on as we're broadcasting live.

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What We Do In the Shadows


Random Pursuit XIX

May the cards be ever in your favour. Unless you’re…[spoilers!]

Saga of Rereading Epics: Diamond Mask

More Milieu goodness, (at least partially) from the perspective of a girl!

Random Pursuit XVIII

Another genre-only edition! With lots of body parts.

Random Pursuit XVII

The very first genre-edition only episode of Random Pursuit! It’s only too bad this wasn’t Random Pursuit 18. You’ll see why.

TPK: Gloom

And it’s only Wednesday.

Defocused 303: Alien: Covenant

We finally did it. Now they have to stop making them, right?

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 7

A whole lot of nothing, with a little bit of swearing.

TPK: Cult of Dusk, part 3

How many tendrils are too many tendrils?

Defocused 302: Prometheus

Maybe the writing isn’t so good on this one.

Ted Lasso

Roast me, amigo!

One Season Wonders draft

Erika’s heard of five of them.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXXI

Hut hut hut!

Defocused 301

No movie this time. Just catching up.

Random Pursuit XVI

The Mounties edition!

Friendly Competition 3: Hell of a Rabbit Hole

The friendly competition was inside us all the whole time. (NOTE: This bootleg recording contains some adult language.)

TPK: Cult of Dusk, part 2

That guard totally wasn’t supposed to be here today.

Sports Corner with the Dog and Pony Show II

Two matchups: one contentious, the other not so much.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXX

Just when you thought distended corpses weren’t bad enough.

Shakespeare Club: Henry V

It’s a lot of like the Star Wars prequels, when you think about it.


Pull out and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

TPK: Cult of Dusk

Or is it dust? Must? Lust? Trust?

TPK: The Queen of Red Water, part 3

The climactic battle doesn’t go the way anyone expects.

Saga of Rereading Epics: Jack the Bodiless

We have officially reached the Galactic Milieu!

Muppet Draft

A surprisingly straightforward draft of great Muppets.

TPK: The Queen of Red Water, part 2

But will they ever find Bliblee?

Old Movie Club: "Some Like it Hot" and "Midnight"

Billy Wilder is back in the spotlight. And it’s Erika versus Phil.

TPK: The Queen of Red Water

The sheriff of Whitesparrow entrusts a sensitive mission to…the only adventurers available.

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 6

Regdar got us into this mess. Can he get us out?

Defocused 300: 300

What a toxic waste dump.