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Defocused 327

No movie this week. Coffee! Espresso! Corndog problem-solving!

Friendly Competition 6

Will you listen if we reveal that there’s no 20 Questions round this time?

Muppet Movie Pitches

Muppet movies we’d like to see.

Trivial Retreat 2

We can’t remember how this works, but it’s certainly trivial.

Defocused 326: Next

We talk about the very bad Nicolas Cage movie “Next” for 57 minutes, and then we have an aftershow where we talk about the “recipes” section of the Wonder Bread website.

"Invincible" (season 1)

Contains pre-spoiler horn for those interested in hearing why you should watch.

Defocused 325: Source Code



No you can’t!

Novel Shortlists Book Club, Part 1

“The City We Became”, “Black Sun”, and “Piranesi.” Plus: What are we reading?

Defocused 324: Tenet

It’s safe to say that this wasn’t Christopher Nolan’s best work.

Defocused 323: Palm Springs

Like Groundhog Day but with more stuff.

Low Definition XXII

Who wants a rounded dowel?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

They’re just a couple of guys.


Fun, intense movie, but why is it a franchise?

Defocused 322: Paycheck

There is some colorful (blue) language in this episode.

Auteur Superhero Mad Libs Pitch Session

It’s the highest of concepts.

Defocused 321

No movie this week. Talking about stuff and things - and food. Always food.

Miyazaki Club Finale

One more look back on the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Helene Wecker and "The Hidden Palace"

A lot of stuff happened between the publication of “The Golem and the Jinni” and the forthcoming release of “The Hidden Palace.” We take a journey through building a book with Helene Wecker.

(Fair warning: there are some very minor spoilers in this podcast. We think you can handle it, but if you are entirely spoiler averse, look away!)

Pre-order The Hidden Palace on Amazon or via a local independent bookstore.

"Star Trek VI"

One Klingon to read the rules, another to carry the box.

Defocused 320: Jumper

At least it’s only an hour and a half.

Defocused 319: Detective Pikachu

Maybe there are some issues with the writing.

Rocket Surgery: "Kill and Kill Again"

They don’t kill again. Hot Dog!

"Chariots of Fire" and "Amadeus"

We watch Best Pictures from the 80s! Also at the end we do some 2020 favorite films nonsense, if you’re into that sort of thing.

"WandaVision" season wrap-up

What are podcasts, but conversations persevering?

Saga of Rereading Epics: Magnificat & Wrap-up

This epic-length (see what I did there?) bootleg includes our episode about Magnificat as well as our series wrap-up episode.

Game Show: UK Triv VIII

How many twos can our North Americans roll while trying to answer questions from an original 1983 British edition of Trivial Pursuit? Two many.

Shakespeare Club: Taming of the Shrew

Billy Shakes, we have some script notes.

Defocused 318

The blazers weren’t the only things that were unstructured.

Porco Rosso

A flyin’ pig!