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2022 Awards Book Club, Part 2

“The Galaxy and the Ground Within,” “Master of Djinn”, “Unbroken,” and What Are We Reading?

"Just Imagine" (1930) and "Flash Gordon" (1980)

It’s not brain science, it’s three guys on a rocket ship to Mars. Not the bore worms!

Our Flag Means Death

Avast, ye scurvy dogs. This podcast is now flying a pirate flag.


Someone’s earned a Waffle Party!

Defocused 352: The Batman

You’ll never believe this but he’s The Batman.

Game Show: Danconceivable 2!

Dan’t be scared, Tony Sindanlar will be sure you’re danned if you do and danned if you don’t.

"Turning Red"

That red panda! So cute!

The Batman

What, another Batman movie?

Defocused 351

No movie this week, but Dan gives a brief, but unenthusiastic nod to ‘The Batman’ and Joe heartily endorses ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ - No spoilers.

Book Club: Machinehood and Plague Birds

Awards shortlist season has begun! Plus: What Have We Read Recently That We Are Now Recommending?

Friendly Competition 8: Praise Jason!

Who got a trivia contest in our game show podcast?

Defocused 350: Cliffhanger

Die Hard on a mountain. Another Carolco masterpiece.

Game Show: You Think You Know Me

Every Game Show is an Intervention.

Q and Eh?

Polish off your French.

Old Movie Club overthrows the U.S. government

“Suddenly” and “Seven Days in May.”

Daniel Craig's Bond... and what's next?

The Craig era is over. What’s next for 007?

SMOOCH Valentine Catastrophe Part 1

Join our Agents on this bootleg version of our Romantic RPG adventures.

Geography Bee

Where in the world are we?

The Incomparable Film Festival 2022

So many movies! And Steven makes a draft power move.

Inestimable! The Amount of Peas in a Thing

There’s a game in here somewhere.

Defocused 349: Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds is heavily featured.

Station Eleven

Discussing the HBO miniseries, which is a miniseries, so there won’t be a second season. Or a Station Twelve. Right?

Defocused 348: Gone Girl

Gone Girl. That’s the tweet.

Defocused 347: Panic Room

Panic! Room.

The Book of Boba Fett

The show’s a mess, but maybe you enjoy the mess!

Book Club: Witness for the Dead and Desolation Called Peace

Books! We like ‘em.

We Love Our Listeners (test game)

Glenn reckoned he had an idea for a new Game Show about numbers, ranges, and amounts. Pulling from the ranks of Incomparable members they tried it out. Also, Tony Sindelar showed up (hello, nerd!) to be drafted as scorekeeper and spreadsheet concierge. We laughed, we cried, Glenn caused consternations about grape sizes.

Little Nightmares II

Video Game club tackles “Little Nightmares II.”

Random Pursuit XXI

Just a bunch of venerable booze outfits.

"The Expanse" wrap-up

First the TV show, then the books! With fair warning in between.