A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted--without having to be on as we're broadcasting live.

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Lovecraft Country

So much blood.

Defocused 306: Gone In 60 Seconds

This is extremely 2000. After the show is over we read through the list of other movies from 2000 that we can’t believe were from 2000 if you really want some wikipedia reading in your life.

"The Island of Doctor Moreau" (Kilmas)

I want to go to dog heaven!

"Willow" (Kilmas)

Magic! Disappearing pigs! The greatest swordsman that ever lived! But Jason doesn’t like Brownies.

Defocused 305: Con Air

Joe has never seen this movie before. Dan has seen this movie a lot.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXXII

Tune in for this stunning episode!

TPK: Gloom, part 3

The most powerful weapon…was words.

Defocused 303

No movie, just pensive election coverage that no one really needs and will be out of date by the time anyone listens. We’re releasing this as 303 and we’re releasing ‘Alien: Covenant’ next week.

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 8

A surprise pit contains rustling sounds, but the Grell’s gotta do what a Grell’s gotta do.

Game Show: Bedecked

Eunuch Underling?

TPK: Gloom, part 2

Never offer to bring a berserker beer and then try to kill him.

What We Do In the Shadows


Random Pursuit XIX

May the cards be ever in your favour. Unless you’re…[spoilers!]

Saga of Rereading Epics: Diamond Mask

More Milieu goodness, (at least partially) from the perspective of a girl!

Random Pursuit XVIII

Another genre-only edition! With lots of body parts.

Random Pursuit XVII

The very first genre-edition only episode of Random Pursuit! It’s only too bad this wasn’t Random Pursuit 18. You’ll see why.

TPK: Gloom

And it’s only Wednesday.

Defocused 304: Alien: Covenant

We finally did it. Now they have to stop making them, right?

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 7

A whole lot of nothing, with a little bit of swearing.

TPK: Cult of Dusk, part 3

How many tendrils are too many tendrils?

Defocused 302: Prometheus

Maybe the writing isn’t so good on this one.

Ted Lasso

Roast me, amigo!

One Season Wonders draft

Erika’s heard of five of them.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXXI

Hut hut hut!

Defocused 301

No movie this time. Just catching up.

Random Pursuit XVI

The Mounties edition!

Friendly Competition 3: Hell of a Rabbit Hole

The friendly competition was inside us all the whole time. (NOTE: This bootleg recording contains some adult language.)

TPK: Cult of Dusk, part 2

That guard totally wasn’t supposed to be here today.

Sports Corner with the Dog and Pony Show II

Two matchups: one contentious, the other not so much.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXX

Just when you thought distended corpses weren’t bad enough.