A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted--without having to be on as we're broadcasting live.

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TPK: Flesh Eaters, session 2

Into the valley of the Cult of the Swimming Snake!

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 5

How could summoning a demon go wrong?

Defocused 296: Batman

There are some disagreements about Batman.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXVII

They really put the “scare” in “scarecrows” in Barovia.

TPK: Flesh Eaters, session 1

Dumplings and Koffeeees!

Defocused 295: Alita: Battle Angel

There’s a lot going on here.

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 4

Whose ooze? A flying ooze!

"Palm Springs"

Oh, are we doing time loop movies again?

"Castle of Cagliostro" bootleg after the bootleg

Jason regrets stopping the live stream when he did.

Castle of Cagliostro

Cartoon rules apply.

Defocused 294: The Iron Giant

Joe says Dan hates The Iron Giant and Dan says Joe hates dogs. Technical call issues abound, but that’s why this is an unedited bootleg.

Hugo Nominees

Three more lauded books! And Erika and Jason read lots of stories!

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXVI

This angel may be touched?

Game Show: Action Castle IV

A horse is here. Your horse. A horse.

Action Castle IV - Members Play-Through

Tony (with Helper Jason) run members through Action Castle IV. Featuring Eric Scott, Will Wagner, Andrew Pontious, tmtrains, Steve VanDevender, Stephen Duncan, David Schaub, Charles Albrecht, Nicholas Riley, Jason Johnson, David Hovis, Lemon, Alex Mace, Brian Warren, Listener Grace, Empty Jay, Marlene Wilson, Listener Steev, Catrina V, Duncan, and Trish Matson.

Defocused 293: Super 8

An extensive discussion of J.J. Abrams, and tippy toes.

TPK: Ep250 Ask The DMs

Erika asked Scott, Dan, and Tony your questions!

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXV

We took the road to a strange abbey.

TPK: The Wild Sheep Chase

A wild sheep appears!

Total Party Kill: Eglath's Angels V part 3

Thursday night! What a great time to return to Athas.

Defocused 292: Paddington 2

Mid-Atlantic pink.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXIV

We finally make it to Krezk, and everything will be okay…or not.

TPK: The Crashed Palace

What devilry is this?!


Includes 30 pre-spoiler horn minutes of us debating if you should watch it.

Defocused 291: Paddington

We also talked for a long time about junk food before the movie.

Comic Book Reading List

It’s not a draft, it’s a collaboration. Also Lisa cheated.

Game Night: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Five doctors take their turns proposing unorthodox cures in this special TuesDAY Game Night!

Saga of Rereading Epics: The Metaconcert

Here’s a much more recent bootleg. Lisa and Erika recorded this a mere two days ago. Please enjoy this discussion of terrible parent-child relationships, uncomfortable gender essentialism, and dark agonizing murder. So cheery for our times… At least we still love Uncle Rogi.

Saga of Rereading Epics: The Surveillance

Erika and Lisa recorded this back in March, just as the pandemic was getting underway in North America. Oh what a different time it was. No wonder the shambolic state of the world made Erika forget to post this bootleg until now…

Friendly Competition 2: No Rounding

The show where friends must compete and the judges are arbitrary is back!