A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted--without having to be on as we're broadcasting live.

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Defocused 312: Broken Arrow

Nuclear bomb things and boxing.


Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er.

Lions, Towers, and Shields: The Fountainhead

A perfect spherical cow.

The Incomparable: Discovery Season 3

They built the sets again!

Vulcan Hello: Discovery Season 3

This season has everything.

Defocused 311: Cutthroat Island

The film that killed Carolco Pictures. We can see why. Remember that our Carolco-inspired shirts are only on sale for a few more days.

The Space Between Worlds

Book club! We don’t remember the book! Oh well! We tried!

Pixar's "Soul"

The great bug zapper in the sky comes for us all, eventually.


Oh no! My elixirs!

The 2020 Clip Show

It’s better to listen to the real show, which has been edited and has more clips and sounds vastly superior, but some people also want to listen to the recording session where Jason says fun stuff like “clip goes here,” so here you go.

Game Show: Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

Wolves wolves wolves! (re-posted)

Defocused 310: Street People

A.K.A. Gli esecutori, The Executors, or The Sicilian Cross. There is a tenuous connection between this very bad movie and our new Defocused shirts on sale January 4th.

The Mandalorian, season 2

It’s Grogu!

Defocused 309

Food, including watergate salad, and then drafting the food for the “gift guide”

Defocused 308: National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Of course they have to capture the president to prove their family never did anything to the president.

Total Party Kill has exited the bootleg!

You can find TPK in a new members-only feed, at https://www.theincomparable.com/tpk-bootleg. We’re splitting it off from the regular Bootleg feed you’re listening to now. No more TPK here, all the TPK there!

Friendly Competition 4: I Heard It Wrong

Why the long pause? (NOTE: This bootleg recording contains some adult content.)

T-Day Game Show Extravaganza

A special holiday* Action Castle and 7 or C with Tony Sindelar and a bunch of surprise emergency guests!

  • Not valid in the UK or Canada

Defocused 307: National Treasure

Sure, why not?

"Top Secret!" (Kilmas)

We’re going skeet surfing. Bring your picture of Cher.

Lovecraft Country

So much blood.

Defocused 306: Gone In 60 Seconds

This is extremely 2000. After the show is over we read through the list of other movies from 2000 that we can’t believe were from 2000 if you really want some wikipedia reading in your life.

"The Island of Doctor Moreau" (Kilmas)

I want to go to dog heaven!

"Willow" (Kilmas)

Magic! Disappearing pigs! The greatest swordsman that ever lived! But Jason doesn’t like Brownies.

Defocused 305: Con Air

Joe has never seen this movie before. Dan has seen this movie a lot.

Defocused 303

No movie, just pensive election coverage that no one really needs and will be out of date by the time anyone listens. We’re releasing this as 303 and we’re releasing ‘Alien: Covenant’ next week.

Game Show: Bedecked

Eunuch Underling?

What We Do In the Shadows


Random Pursuit XIX

May the cards be ever in your favour. Unless you’re…[spoilers!]

Saga of Rereading Epics: Diamond Mask

More Milieu goodness, (at least partially) from the perspective of a girl!