A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted--without having to be on as we're broadcasting live.

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TPK: The Queen of Red Water, part 3

The climactic battle doesn’t go the way anyone expects.

Saga of Rereading Epics: Jack the Bodiless

We have officially reached the Galactic Milieu!

Muppet Draft

A surprisingly straightforward draft of great Muppets.

TPK: The Queen of Red Water, part 2

But will they ever find Bliblee?

Old Movie Club: "Some Like it Hot" and "Midnight"

Billy Wilder is back in the spotlight. And it’s Erika versus Phil.

TPK: The Queen of Red Water

The sheriff of Whitesparrow entrusts a sensitive mission to…the only adventurers available.

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 6

Regdar got us into this mess. Can he get us out?

Defocused 300: 300

What a toxic waste dump.

TPK: Shocktober 2020

Will our party of adventures finish their quest in the spOOOOooooOoky Seyvoth Manor, or will they be thwarted by the evil Count Maltus? Tune in to find out!

Defocused 299: Batman & Robin

The Scooby-Doo sound library.

Sports Corner with the Dog and Pony Show

Welcome to our new bonus podcast about…sports?!

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXIX

Friendly ghost encounters.

10th Anniversary YouTube hangout

Just shootin’ the breeze.

10th Anniversary Episode: Bootleg Edition

Ten years in, the cracks start to show.

Defocused 298: Batman Forever

Dan is not having any of these shenanigans.

Terminator 2

We’re back!

Defocused 297: Batman Returns

What you put in your toilet I put on my mantel.

Star Trek Character Draft

These are all very good and not at all dumb ideas.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXVIII

More goats than you expect.

Bootleg 1

Recorded August 11, 2010.

TPK: Flesh Eaters, session 2

Into the valley of the Cult of the Swimming Snake!

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 5

How could summoning a demon go wrong?

Defocused 296: Batman

There are some disagreements about Batman.

TPK: Curse of Strahd, Episode XXVII

They really put the “scare” in “scarecrows” in Barovia.

TPK: Flesh Eaters, session 1

Dumplings and Koffeeees!

Defocused 295: Alita: Battle Angel

There’s a lot going on here.

TPK: Eglath's Angels V part 4

Whose ooze? A flying ooze!

"Palm Springs"

Oh, are we doing time loop movies again?

"Castle of Cagliostro" bootleg after the bootleg

Jason regrets stopping the live stream when he did.

Castle of Cagliostro

Cartoon rules apply.