The Comforting Glow of the Vacuum Valve

The old year departs, the new year arrives. John E.O. Stevens, Jeff Patterson and Fred Kiesche gather around the warm glows of their ham radio rigs and warm their hands over the vacuum tubes to discuss the best of 2016, what they are looking forward to in 2017 and culture consumed.

Also…why do so many Russian sites feature the works of Samuel R. Delany?

Newsflash: Past Fourth Hoarse Patrick Hester has a book! For reals!

A lot of this episode was inspired by John DeNardo’s two-part look at what is coming in 2017, we recommend a read (while hiding your wallet): Part 01. Part 02.

Fred Kiesche, John E.O. Stevens and Jeff Patterson with Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson and John E.O. Stevens

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