The Three Hoarsemen

Hosted by Fred Kiesche, John E.O. Stevens, and Jeff Patterson

In the long and storied history of science fiction podcasts, never had the powers-that-be deigned it safe to allow John H. Stevens, Fred Kiesche, and Jeff Patterson to appear on the same panel discussion. “It would be worse than crossing the streams,” they said. “Violent weather would sweep the land, and cicadas emerge from the depths!” Okay—it’s more like visiting three cranky uncles in a run-down retirement home…

Latest Episode: July 20, 2019 — Boston Beans!

55 Solo Paul

Your Intrepid Heroes, Paul Weimer and Fred Kiesche, discuss ReaderCon, Gene Wolfe, blogging and podcasts.

With a hat tip to our mentor of erudite tomes, John Stevens and to Jeff Patterson (who, sadly, had to miss the conversation due to that silly “work” thing).


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