The Three Hoarsemen #54 July 16, 2019

Between the Covers

Your Intrepid Heroes, Jeff Patterson and Fred Kiesche, discuss books. So many books!

With a hat tip to our mentor of erudite tomes, John Stevens.


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Show Notes

Links from Jeff Patterson

Chuck Wendig: Wanderers—A Novel

Book Nook, Decatur GA

McKay’s Books, Chattanooga TN

Remembering Johnson’s Bookstore, Springfield MA

Ada Hoffmann: The Outside

Lisa Yaszek (editor): The Future is Female

The Future is Female website

Mildred Clingerman: The Clingerman Files

Ardath Mayhar (entry in SF Encyclopedia)

Somtow Sucharitkul / S. P. Somtow: Fire from the Wine Dark Sea

Alan Moore: Jerusalem

Ann & Jeff Vandermeer (editors): The Big Book of Classic Fantasy


Links from Fred Kiesche

Last Laugh: ‘Mad’ Magazine Will Soon Disappear From Newstands

Fabio Fernandes: Gene Wolfe Re-Read Introduction

Fabio Fernandes: The Fifth Head of Cerberus

Fabio Fernandes: Peace

The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast

Alzabo Soup

The Urth Mailing List

Gene Wolfe: The Fifth Head of Cerberus

Gene Wolfe: Peace (note: despite there being a note on the cover about an essay by Neil Gaiman, and despite Tor assuring me they would correct the eBook, the only place to find said essay is in the paper edition!)

Isaac Asimov: An Easy Introduction to the Slide Rule

Andre Norton: Time Traders 01 (The Time Traders and Galactic Derelict)

William Gibson: Pattern Recognition

(The Incomparable coverage of Pattern Recognition)

Glen Cook: The Black Company Port of Shadows Shadows Linger

Gene Wolfe: The Shadow of the Torturer (part of Shadow and Claw, an omnibus and The Complete Book of the New Sun, an omnibus). Storeys from the Old Hotel

George Alec Effinger: When Gravity Fails

John McPhee: Basin and Range (part of The Annals of the Former World**)

Clifford D. Simak: New Folks’ Home