Love, Simon

A modern classic? Quite possibly. We discuss a lovely coming-out and coming-of-age story.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Dirty Dancing

A Greek chorus and a Swiss watch are obviously things that come up when you talk about one of the greatest movies of all time, right? Spoiler: One of us had never seen Dirty Dancing before.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Pitch Perfect

Aca-awesome, you guys. We discover some unexpected personal connections to this competition-movie staple - and neither of us sings, we promise.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox



Schmaltz! But it has to be good schmaltz. We go looking for the wind beneath our wings and some truly wonderful art direction.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


My Life In Ruins

Also NOT known as My Big Fat Greek Vacation. But it could be.

We take a fantasy vacation to explore ruins and romance. And souvlaki.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


27 Dresses

A wardrobe montage! A jukebox sing-along! Judy Greer! Witty quips! This movie has all the components for a great romcom, but does it make the most of them? Spoiler: This episode contains quite a bit of sighing and grumbling.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Kissing Jessica Stein

When a special girlfriend, meets a special girlfriend… Julia is worried that this favorite from her teens will not have aged well. Has it? And what scene still gives her goosebumps just talking about it?

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


His Girl Friday

Rapid-fire dialogue, very big hats, and a LOT of plot. Is “It’s In The Blood” a better title? Who does Julia think deserves a kick in the nads? And what does this classic screwball comedy have in common with Sleepless in Seattle? We dive into one of the greats.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

But who IS the Mary, and who’s the Rhoda? We go back to the nineties - and the eighties - to see how well this technicolor romp holds up.

(The explicit rating here is primarily because of some word choices in a BLM statement before the start of the show.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox



Eddy Murphy is a horndog, men and women are hilariously different, and Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones are divine blessings. (Heads up for some explicit language here, so if you don’t want your kids to ask you for instance what an O face is, maybe use head phones.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Pretty in Pink

Let’s go back to Wealthy White People High and hang out with Andie, Ducky, and Blaine. You won’t want to miss the expert fashion research!

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Fake relationships, precocious meddling pre-teens, and ski-trips. It’s a classic recipe for a teen rom com, and we have a big bite and discuss the results.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Love Potion no. 9

(Content note: We discuss issues of magic and consent, but nothing too graphic. And this may be my favorite content note ever.) Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan are simply irresistible, thanks to Madame Ruth. Yes, it’s based way too closely on the song. Or not closely enough? We wish for more cop kissing and less sorority crashing.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Sleepless in Seattle

“You don’t want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie.”

We take on one of the great classics, Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle. Is it what we remember - and does it need fixing? (And then, of course, we make it WEIRD.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox