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Preacher (TV Show)

TeeVee 299: Preacher Season 2 wrap-up: Episodes 9-13

James and Moze had the best of intentions how they wanted to review the second season of Preacher and then things got messy. In this episode they cover the final 5 episodes in the way only they can. It wasn’t because the show disappointed, it was because it needed to be looked at with a different perspective and altitude. We have now reached the end of the road.

Philip Mozolak and James Thomson

TeeVee 284: Preacher Review: S2E6-8 "Sokosha" to "Holes"

James and Moze take a look at the mid season arc of Preacher to find backstories on new characters. We offer up some predictions of the inevitable cliffhanger on the road to find God. As per usual, we are dismayed at how many people we know are not watching this fantastic show.

Philip Mozolak and James Thomson

TeeVee 273: Preacher Review: S2E3-5 "Damsels" to "Dallas"

The road is long… time to take a three-episode pitstop in the “Big Easy.” Jesse and crew begin a bar by bar search for God. James and Moze pick up a hitchhiker along the way. Tony Sindelar put out his thumb and we just couldn’t say no.

James Thomson and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

TeeVee 268: Preacher Review: S2E1-2 "On the Road" and "Mumbai Sky Tower"

The pulpit has been abandoned in the wake of Annvilles’ untimely demise. Now, James and Moze take to the road to follow Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy in the journey to find God.

Philip Mozolak and James Thomson

TeeVee 192: Preacher Season 1 Rewind

Have you heard the good news? James and Moze will tell you about a man from a little town with a big voice. Sit down for a spell as we discuss the first season of Preacher.

Philip Mozolak and James Thomson