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True Detective

TeeVee 93: True Detective S2E8 review: "Omega Station"

Here we are at the end of the line, the Omega Station. We had high hopes, but this was a rough road. If you loved this season and even this episode, listen to how most people saw it. Thank you to all those who stuck around and kept the home fires burning. Maybe season three will bring back what we missed.

Philip Mozolak and Brian Hamilton with Don Melton

TeeVee 91: True Detective S2E7 Review: "Black Maps and Motel Rooms"

Did you see this in the rearview? The penultimate episode of “True Detective” season two was a treat. Evidence is coming together, and one person was shot dead. Open the notepad and lick your pencil—it’s time for work.

Do you have evidence you want to share? Upload your “tape” to the locker.

Philip Mozolak and Brian Hamilton with Don Melton

TeeVee 90: True Detective S2E6 Review: "Church in Ruins" 

This week things get serious, so the precinct has called in famous loose cannon Capt. Don Melton to assist in the investigation. Folks, this episode has the most action we have seen all season—but is it enough to quench our sandy mouths? This has been a highly debated episode online. Now it’s time to check it into evidence. Check out the full length report by @tjluomo

Brian Hamilton and Philip Mozolak with Don Melton

TeeVee 88: True Detective S2E5 Review: "Other Lives"

Welcome to Vinci, 66 days later. What has changed besides shaved flavor savers? Let us punch in and take a look at the “width” of this flaccid reset.

Philip Mozolak and Brian Hamilton

TeeVee 86: True Detective S2E4 review: "Down Will Come" ​

This episode may leave us feeling like we are just punching the time clock, but there is hope. Sgt. Mozolak makes a bold prediction against police policy. Agent Hamilton puts his career on the line to assist in this investigation.

Brian Hamilton and Philip Mozolak

TeeVee 84: True Detective S2E3 Review: "Maybe Tomorrow" 

The most rubber-bullet-splashed episode so far this season. Many events and investigations are laid out on our evidence board, leaving much to unpack. Is it too much? Are we just punching the time clock for an early pension? Open your notebooks and hit play as we dive into the spaghetti mess.

Philip Mozolak and Brian Hamilton

TeeVee 83: True Detective S2E2 Review: "Night Finds You"

Our flawed heroes return to show us the burdened agenda each carries into the night. Are any of them heroes? What happens in sound-baffled rooms in Hollywood? When the crow comes to visit, he never leaves empty handed.

Brian Hamilton and Philip Mozolak

TeeVee 82: True Detective S2E1 Review: "The Western Book of the Dead"

California Noir is the new modality for season two of “True Detective.” Strap on your badges and sheath your knife and join Special Agent Hamilton and Desk Sergent Mozolak in their investigation of the “True Detective” evidence locker.

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Brian Hamilton and Philip Mozolak