The Villain Edit: what people traditionally blame when they discover that their time on a reality show was spent being a huge jerk on camera. Also a podcast in which Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall talk about the reality shows they’ve been watching lately.


Deadly Class Villainy

Monty and Rhias talk about Deadly Class, the latest edgy-yet-glossy Syfy show based on a comic book. This naturally turns into a discussion about Reality Bites and Rent. Then it’s time for Villains of the Week, where Vern Schillinger (JK Simmons from Oz) and Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates from Misery) demonstrate some things about modern life.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

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The Fyre Festival

Hey, we’re doing a mini-relaunch! Instead of talking about “Whatever reality shows Monty and Rhias have stuck in their head,” we’re going to focus on one villain a week in our new segment “The Villain Audit.” This week: Billy McFarland of the Fyre Festival, as featured in different documentaries available on Hulu and Netflix. And we also bring our “Villain of the Week,” which this week is our excuse to talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race (see, we’re still basically the same people) and the Minions (Monty’s got a hot take). Enjoy!

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Elevating the Art of Gingerbread

The most impressive thing Monty and Rhias saw this week was the Holiday Gingerbread Showdown. And that’s in a week that also featured a WHOLE lot of nonsense on the Curse of Oak Island and the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race (All-Stars, but still).

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Gingerbread and Drag Queens

Monty and Rhias review their notes and get ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 4, and also talk about their feelings on Holiday Gingerbread Showdown. They like the RuPaul show more, because it has less gum paste and isomalt.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Drag Queens With Knives

Monty and Rhias recap the meta-war between Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship (the winner was not the audience), the state of Forged in Fire, do some casual previews of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 4, and check in on the Curse of Oak Island. It’s still cursed.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Filling the Great Food Truck Void

Monty and Rhias discuss the finales of Making It and The Great Food Truck Race and decide which show was actually worth watching (it’s Making It). Then they tackle the challenge of finding new competitive reality shows in Fall, when all the channels think they’re better than that.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Hot and Smoky

Rhias and Monty take a break from complaining about the air quality in Seattle to talk about the delightfully questionable television they’ve been watching, including Making It, Nailed It, The Great Food Truck Race, and the webseries Camp Wannakiki, which is the latest entry in the surprisingly robust genre of drag queen reality shows.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Making It Is Fun

There’s this new competitive crafting show called Making It, hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. It’s gotten a lot of media coverage because it’s on a real network and it’s hosted by legit TV stars, but it also falls firmly within the purview of The Villain Edit. Monty and Rhias also talk about the brand new season of The Great Food Truck Race, which is as silly as it’s always been, and the (sob) impending series finale of Face Off.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Going Off-Topic

Monty and Rhias have been watching Face Off and Forged in Fire. And there’s big news about the Great Food Truck Race coming back! But that doesn’t take a lot of time, so instead they talk about Pose and GLOW and Dietland and whatever else comes to mind.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


What Does TCBY Really Stand For?

Monty and Rhias chat about the finale of Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, minutes after it ends. And they have some opinions! So many opinions, in fact, that some spill over into their discussion of Face Off and Forged in Fire. And they also reminisce about that one show where people had to dress up window displays for department stores, but competitively. That was weird.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Garbage Truck Wars

Monty and Rhias are very excited that Face Off is back! It’s a great show that’s fun to watch! They also talk about Forged in Fire before weighing in on the current state of RuPaul’ss Drag Race, and make fun of something called “Truck Night in America” based on Monty having half-watched a commercial for it once. Whee!

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

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