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    Agents of SMOOCH January 8, 2021 Prom: The Movie
    47 That's What the Floor's For

    Let our Agents take you to Prom! We’ve gathered for this first mission of the New Year to think about musicals, adaptations, and how much we just like singing and dancing. The mission may start with some of our less favourite parts but then we celebrate that with the Prom movie is a joyful lesbian love story that hits us in the feels. Our Agents discuss how we need even more LGBTQ2+ stories and that they are important to show a diversity of queer experiences. Put on your sparkly sneakers and be our dates to Prom.

    (Hey high schools! We really do want to see your productions of Prom so send us invites.)

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    Corner of the Sky December 5, 2020 “The Prom”
    53 Don't Be Gay in Indiana

    Holly Sansom talks the infectiously optimistic show The Prom.

    Highlights: The Drowsy Chaperone, seeing theater for work, TV performances, girls kissing, we’re all lesbians, cringing, Glee.