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    TeeVeeOctober 31, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 10
    335 Rock Facts: "The Unknown"

    We’ve come to the end. The final episode of Over the Garden Wall focuses on the final showdown between Wirt and The Beast, but Brian and Truj focus on the developing relationship of the brothers, how terrifying The Beast is and why they’ve never Googled what he looks like, and the incredible series of vignettes that closes the show.

    Finally, your cohosts get very emotional about the end of Rock Facts. Thank you so much for listening.

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    TeeVeeOctober 30, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 9
    331 Rock Facts: "Into the Unknown"

    We take a trip back in time, before the series started, to establish how Wirt and Greg arrived in The Unknown. Meanwhile, Truj and Brian ponder cassettes, make jokes about The Used, and do their best Jason Funderberker impressions.

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    TeeVeeOctober 26, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 8
    327 Rock Facts: "Babes in the Wood"

    Nathan Alderman joins Truj and Brian for a very special episode of Rock Facts! We break down the bizarre yet poignant Cloud City sequence, what it means for Greg’s character, and how it sets up the final episodes of the series. Music, classic animation, depression allegories, and a slew of creative influences are also discussed.

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    TeeVeeOctober 20, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 7
    323 Rock Facts: "The Ringing of the Bell"

    In discussing the brothers’ misadventure with Lorna and Auntie Whispers, Truj and Brian discuss turtle symbolism, teenage love, and closet logistics. Just goes to show you stuff!

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    TeeVeeOctober 18, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 6
    320 Rock Facts: "Lullaby in Frogland"

    Your hosts’ favorite episode of Over the Garden Wall is Lullaby in Frogland, which means that Brian gets emotional about one particular song and Truj has thought a lot about embouchure.

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    TeeVeeOctober 15, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 5
    317 Rock Facts: "Mad Love"

    As we discuss the brothers’ adventures in Quincy Endicott’s giant mansion, Brian and Truj discuss more about Fred the Horse’s motivations, the significance of the two pennies necessary to ride the ferry, and several live demonstrations of how fainting affects love.

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    TeeVeeOctober 11, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 4
    314 Rock Facts: "Songs of the Dark Lantern"

    Time for a little musical break! Truj and Brian discuss the Songs of the Dark Lantern, why they’re sung the way they are, and how they relate to the rest of the citizens of the Unknown. Also, Amazon purchasing logistics are discussed and Brian doesn’t know music.

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    TeeVeeOctober 6, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 3
    311 Rock Facts: "Schooltown Follies"

    Truj and Brian finally get to Schooltown Follies, the iconic Over the Garden Wall episode featuring catchy tunes and sweet animals going to school. Topics include a layer cake of anachronisms, extended versions of songs from the show, and how tasty molasses actually is.

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    TeeVeeOctober 3, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 2
    307 Rock Facts: "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee"

    As Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice journey into Pottsfield, Truj and Brian discuss skeleton logistics, the distinctly American institution of Fall activities, and some surprising facts about Chris Isaak.

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    TeeVeeSeptember 29, 2017Over the Garden Wall, Episode 1
    305 Rock Facts: "The Old Grist Mill"

    Welcome to Rock Facts! In this inaugural episode, Truj and Brian discuss the first episode of Over the Garden Wall, The Old Grist Mill. When do people start paying attention to the show? Who is organizing lots of bones? And what Easter Eggs did Brian miss until now?