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Agents of SMOOCH #76 February 11, 2022
Warmer in Winter RPG: Story #1

When Bigfoot Carried You

It’s our second Anniversary and the Agency has convened two groups of friends to play the romantic role-playing game Warmer in Winters from Will Lentz. In our first romantic adventure, our characters are gathered in the small town of Hopewell Springs just before the Winter Solstice Festival. Some ne’er-do-wells are trying to stop the festival because it is too witchy. Pebbles will be tossed. Ruckuses will be instigated. But will our friends save the festival? Will we actually see Bigfoot? When is someone actually gonna SMOOCH? Join Ruby (Julia), Amelia (KatyBeth), Jac (Heather), and Ellie (Riley) to find out if our dice are in the mood for love…

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