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Agents of SMOOCH #74 January 14, 2022
Fringe TV Show

Love in All the Universes

Join our Agents as they dive into another romance-saturated, sci-fi story. This time they are discussing all 5 seasons of Fringe, because what was the pandemic for, if not to rewatch all our comfort shows? Fringe is more proof that you can take a procedural science fiction show and blend in the romance perfectly. Comparisons to X-Files were inevitable. We cover the important beats of all five seasons and ponder the important questions such as Do we like Fauxlivia? And why aren’t there more Astrid-centric stories? Are there any other sci-fi shows that do romance as well as Fringe?

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Show Notes

KatyBeth’s instigating tweets | For your romantic Fringe viewing pleasure | Fringe at Comicon

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