Agents of SMOOCH #55 April 23, 2021
Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourne


Dear Listeners, it’s time for another Book Club meeting. Our mission today is to persuade you to fall in love with the Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourne. Our Director frequently admits to having a penchant for the mystery/romance genre and this series ranks high on her list of faves. Join our Speedwellian agents for a spoiler-light discussion about Veronica and her growing collection of eclectic compatriots. The agents sigh a lot and wax poetic on the romantic tension in novels and their book crushes on Veronica and “Stoker” Templeton Vane. Bonus side trips into sibling relationships, fan-casting our dream TV series, lepidoptery, and the not-so-secret terrors of our Director.

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Show Notes

Catch up on our episode about The Royals.

Since we can’t watch Veronica, watch Miss Fisher.

Kirsten and Annette’s fan cast for Stoker: TomAustenStoker.jpg

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