Agents of SMOOCH #107 November 24, 2023
Ocean’s 8

Competency Porn Star

For this mission, our Agents discuss Ocean’s 8 as part of our Romance in Action series. How much do we love this all-women heist movie cast? A lot. A lot a lot. Join us as we discuss a fantastic cast of characters, couture fashion, and safe spaces. And of course, we dive right into the romantic tension that underlays this entire film. Bring on the sequel, please.

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Show Notes

Ocean’s 8 Dress Designers

Sarah Paulson And Cate Blanchett on the Today Show

Anne Hathaway on the Today Show

Heather’s daughter on the [Billie Eilish and Eight Young Activists on Climate Justice, Community, and Radical Hope for Vogue’s January Cover | Vogue] (

Annette does Keys to the Golden Vault Heists on Total Party Kill

Topics Covered