Wrap-up of Rereading Epics

Now that we’ve completed our epic reread, we take some time to debrief on the books, the reread, and our whole philosophies of rereading and revisiting media. We even throw in a few reading recommendations for good measure.

More than anything, we want to thank you all for joining us on this epic journey.

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser



We’ve reached the end! Time to cover the final book about this “magnificent family of weirdo psychic Kennedys”.

Just one more ep of the podcast to go, when we’ll wrap up the entire nine-book epic!

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


Diamond Mask

The Galactic Milieu drama continues with a female protagonist and a corker of a final line!

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


Jack the Bodiless

We have started the final trilogy of Julian May’s epic series with a book that asks “what if the Kennedys, but psychic?”

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Metaconcert

Intervention concludes with a fairly epic showdown. There’s some dark, dark stuff here, but it’s such a wild ride! And Uncle Rogi continues to be a lovely old crank.

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Surveillance

After travelling six million years into the future, Lisa and Erika grapple with a tonal shift, but it’s a shift that feels pretty good once we settle in — in great part because Uncle Rogi is a cantankerous delight!

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Adversary

Julian May wraps up the Saga of Pliocene Exile. As usual, we have thoughts! And feelings! Who got a good ending? Who got the shaft? How did this strike us now as compared to our first times through? All this and more if you just hit “Play”.

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Nonborn King

Lisa and Erika really dig into where Julian May might have been coming from. She gave a few of her characters a raw deal, and really tips her hand starting with the title of the book itself. Reading this novel with 2019-brain is a very different exercise than our first reads-through. (Yes, we recorded this episode in 2019.)

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Golden Torc

The saga continues with the other half of Group Green. We have so many feelings about spoilery recaps, mopey Elizabeth, savvy Mercy, and so much “Oh Bryan. Why?”

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


The Many-Colored Land

Erika and Lisa dive headlong into their epic re-read just as Group Green dives headlong into Earth’s Pliocene Epoch. Will either live up to expectations?

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser


Why Read These Books?

In the inaugural episode of this read-along podcast, Erika and Lisa try to convince you that Julian May’s Saga of Pliocene Exile and Galactic Milieu series are well worth reading, even if they are a bit hard to find.

You have fair warning before they dive into hardcore spoilers about the series as a whole and what they expect for this re-read.

Erika Ensign and Lisa Schmeiser