All of our Total Party Kill gameplay sessions, uncut and usually far in advance of the public episodes being posted. The backlog ends here!

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Dog & Pony S6E4 (Curse of Strahd LII)

You’re not going to believe the number of secret doors.

Eglath's Angels VI part 5

Fire Giants, plus enemies with capacitance.

Eglath's Angels VI part 4

Bug in a hut! Annoying minotaurs! Mall puns! And, at last, something resembling a plan.

Dragonforge and Associates V, Session 3

The final chapter! But will it end in a Total Poultry Kill?

Dog & Pony S6E3 (Curse of Strahd LI)

Should we stay or should we go (fight zombies)?

Dog & Pony S6E2 (Curse of Strahd L)

Water time we’re having in Ravenloft.

Whitesparrow: The Queen of Red Water, part 4

The epic, long-awaited finale!

Dog & Pony S6E1 (Curse of Strahd XLIX)

Eat at Strahd’s!

Eglath's Angels VI part 3

Off the elevator and running for our lives!

Candlekeep Mysteries 2

Mazfroth’s Mighty Digressions!

Dog & Pony S5E15 (Curse of Strahd XLVIII)

More bags?

Dog & Pony S5E14 (Curse of Strahd XLVII)

Bright light, bright light!

Dragonforge and Associates V, Session 2

Meet Rutherford Umbrusk!

Eglath's Angels VI part 2

Life coaching in an elevator.

Dog & Pony S5E13 (Curse of Strahd XLVI)

V is for vampire.

Dog & Pony S5E12 (Curse of Strahd XLV)

ABC: Always be coffin.

Eglath's Angels VI part 1

The floor is lava. As a matter of fact, it’s all lava.

Dog & Pony S5E11 (Curse of Strahd XLIV)

Things in Vallaki seem…not great?

Eglath's Angels V part 16

The season concludes with a rush to the fire cult!

Dog & Pony S5E10 (Curse of Strahd XLIII)

Who knew there was so much to learn about vampires?

Dragonforge and Associates V, Session 1

Once more into Undermountain!

Eglath's Angels V part 15

Presenting: Scott McNulty’s Roper Babies!

Candlekeep Mysteries 1, Part 2

Reading is adventure!

Eglath's Angels V part 14

Be true to your chuul.

Dog & Pony S5E9 (Curse of Strahd XLII)

Knight knight.

Candlekeep Mysteries 1

The Joy of Extradimensional Spaces!

Dog & Pony S5E8 (Curse of Strahd XLI)

It’s been…emotional.

Gribbits Detective Agency, Part 3

Let this mother-lover burn. Rated R, for “regardless of its merits, this is filthy” NSFW. We mean it.

Dog & Pony S5E7 (Curse of Strahd XL)

Revenants, revenants, revenants!

Eglath's Angels V part 13

All Hydra, All The Time!

Gribbits Detective Agency, Part 2

The salsa satchel. Rated R, for “rarely have I heard anything so filthy” NSFW. We mean it.

Eglath's Angels V part 12

The first few rows are gonna get wet.

Gribbits Detective Agency, Part 1

A new adventure that’s rated R, for “really, this isn’t for kids.” NSFW. We mean it.

Dog & Pony S5E6 (Curse of Strahd XXXIX)

Let’s light this candle.

Eglath's Angels V part 11

A gast? We’re aghast!

Dog & Pony S5E5 (Curse of Strahd XXXVIII)

Undead and loving it.

Eglath's Angels V part 10

Cultists are the worst, right?

Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 2

Well, this isn’t how I expected the adventure to end.

Dog & Pony S5E4 (Curse of Strahd XXXVII)

Coffin candy.

Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 1

Did I mention the spite?