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598: Tropiest of Spaghetti Westerns

We’ve rounded up a posse and are saddling up to discuss the Netflix original film “The Harder They Fall,” a revisionist western starring Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, and Regina King. This movie is more ornery than a pole cat with a hangnail! We ride at noon!

Host Cicero Holmes with panelists Nathan Alderman and Shareef Jackson.

Link: The Resurrection of Bass Reeves

597: Get Me Pictures of Seven Spider-Men!

Get your college applications ready and prepare to gross out about organic web shooters—it’s time for us to discuss “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the conclusion of Tom Holland’s origin trilogy as the web-slinging hero… and a surprisingly substantial follow-up to five other Spider-Man movies, too. It’s “Spider-Man: Endgame,” and with great podcasts, there must also come great responsibility… to talk about Spider-Man.

Host Jason Snell with panelists Dan Moren, Kelly Guimont, and Chip Sudderth.

596: Tom Bombadilification

More than three decades since the Wheel of Time book series began, it’s arrived as a TV series on Prime Video. We discuss the first season with the help of our resident Wheel of Time book expert and three non-book-readers. How much is or isn’t it the “next Game of Thrones?” Why would it need to be be? And how does a book series that was wildly progressive for the 1990s approach a modern audience?

Guest Host Moisés Chiullan with panelists Glenn Fleishman, Kathy Campbell, and John Siracusa.

595: I Didn't Have a Tab - The Best of 2021

Hot dog! It’s time for our annual look back at the year gone by. And it was certainly a year! Some of us caught up on stuff, while others who usually abandon their lists as winter turns to spring decided not to bother making lists at all! As is traditional, our panelists and listeners pick favorite Incomparable episodes and moments in this episode. Did the best moment of the year happen in last year’s clip show? Are there multiple clip loops running now? Has The Incomparable finally ground Jason down into mush? The answers are within!

Our picks:

  • Steve - Ted Lasso (TV), One Cut of the Dead (Film), Persona 4 Golden (VG)
  • Erika - Covert Affairs (TV), Local Podcasts
  • Jean - Dune (Film), WandaVision (TV), Vera Stanhope series (audiobooks)
  • Dan - No Time To Die (Film), Leverage: Redemption (TV), The Mask of Mirrors (book), Learned League (game)
  • David - In The Heights (Film), Only Murders in the Building (TV), Murder Under Her Skin (Books)
  • Monty - RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars S6E3 (TV), Malignant (Movie), Cyberpunk 2077 (VG)
  • Moises - Metroid Dread (VG), The Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened (documentary), What We Do in the Shadows (TV), For All Mankind (TV), Killing Eve (TV), Search Party, The Other Two
  • Jason - Piranesi (Book), For All Mankind/Hacks (TV), Promising Young Woman (Film)

594: Money in His Underwear

Merry Kilmas to all who celebrate the works of Val Kilmer! This year, our Kilmas selection is “The Saint,” a very 90s spy movie featuring surprise sweater reveals, tension-free water pipe escapes, and a wide collection of accents, wigs, and pseudonyms—all from Val Kilmer, of course.

Host Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Dan Moren, David J. Loehr, Jean MacDonald, and Moisés Chiullan.

593: The Beatles Need Me!

We watched all eight hours of the Disney+ documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” and now we’re going to talk about it. Toast, vests, London Bobbies sucking on their chin straps, Debbie the receptionist, Paul as “second boss”, Yoko’s knitting, George Harrison’s pinstripes, and most importantly, the amazing view of a bunch of musical geniuses having a very difficult time creating anything at all.

Extras: Podcast app features we could use, and jazz gummies are legal in Canada.

Host Jason Snell with guests Amy Gruber, Guy English, Monty Ashley, and Steven Schapansky.

592: A Glorious Mess

Grab your Tamagotchi Baby Monitor, because it’s time to discuss “Doctor Who: Flux,” a six-episode season that had a lot of plot, a lot of characters, and a lot of questions, many of them unanswered! We discuss what worked this season and what didn’t, anticipate the 2022 run of specials to end Jodie Whitaker’s era, and ponder what Modern Doctor Who looks like when Russell T Davies takes over the show (again) in 2023.

591: That Poor Pie

We discuss Marvel’s weird and epic “Eternals,” which breaks a lot of Marvel-movie conventions while attempting to tell a different kind of story with a whole lot of new characters. It’s full of interesting choices, some of which pay off, while others end up amounting to not very much.

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