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Defocused 345: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Dan and Joe are joined by Seth Worley and Ryan Polly from The Writers Room Game Show to talk about a very WRGS movie.

Defocused: Ghostbusters (2016)

Well, there’s a lot to say just about The Discourse on this one.

Defocused: The Matrix Resurrections

These rebels would be foiled by a captcha.

Defocused 342: Moonstruck

Christmas adjacent.

Defocused 341

No movie this week. Air filters, bidet’s, and Christmas trees.

Defocused 340: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

It’s a good thing 3D never went out of fashion.

Defocused 339: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

We mostly talk about bad fast-food menus.

Defocused 338: Dune

We talk about the 2021 version of Dune and compare adaptations.

Defocused 337: Freaky

Deween, Hallowfocused. Stuff.

Defocused 336: The Lego Batman Movie

Batman should be fun!

Defocused 335

Naval promotions, cinema, shooting Alexa LF and dropping it on film to scan it again for the ulimate cinematic mode, and Nolan News.

Defocused 334: The Suicide Squad

The other one.

Defocused 333: Birds of Prey

We have some editing notes.

Defocused 332: Suicide Squad

Not to be confused with “The Suicide Squad”.

Defocused 331: Hot Rod

Shifting gears back to silly, and light after ‘The Lighthouse’

Defocused 330: The Lighthouse

Fond of me lobster.

Defocused 329: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

And soda fountains.

Defocused 328: The Punisher


Defocused 327

No movie this week. Coffee! Espresso! Corndog problem-solving!

Defocused 326: Next

We talk about the very bad Nicolas Cage movie “Next” for 57 minutes, and then we have an aftershow where we talk about the “recipes” section of the Wonder Bread website.

Defocused 325: Source Code


Defocused 324: Tenet

It’s safe to say that this wasn’t Christopher Nolan’s best work.

Defocused 323: Palm Springs

Like Groundhog Day but with more stuff.

Defocused 322: Paycheck

There is some colorful (blue) language in this episode.

Defocused 321

No movie this week. Talking about stuff and things - and food. Always food.

Defocused 320: Jumper

At least it’s only an hour and a half.

Defocused 319: Detective Pikachu

Maybe there are some issues with the writing.

Defocused 317: Sonic the Hedgehog


Defocused 316: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Dining on ashes.

Defocused 315: Sneakers

We’re joined by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Todd Vaziri!