The Unmentionable Brightness of Bacon

Battling issues with Skype, microphones, tablets and more, The Three Hoarsemen, Fred Kiesche, Jeff Patterson and John E.O. Stevens are joined by returning guest David Annandale (“…that’s Professor Annandale to you…”) who has taken a break from his regular appearances on The Skiffy & Fanty Show and Totally Pretentious to discuss horror in this vaguely Halloween-themed episode. Do they celebrate Halloween in the mythic forested lands of Canada? They sure do discuss horror.

Hold on to your wallets, by the way. This is another potentially expensive episode!

(AND WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Once the podcast was over we kept talking and some of it was pretty gosh darned good. So, good thing the recording was still running, eh?)

Fred Kiesche, John E.O. Stevens and Jeff Patterson with David Annandale

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