Free the Squee #6 February 5, 2024
Rock n’ Roll Dolly, Lestat’s staircase, and Percy’s blue cake.

Vampires Are Worth Shin Splints

Hello there fellow nerds, and welcome to our first episode of 2024. Stacy and Heather are joined by the fabulous and brilliant Mikayla, aka Younger Spawn, for some fangirling over Percy Jackson! But before we get there, we talk about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Dolly Parton and her new album, Rockstar. We chat collabs, what it means to cover vs. re-tell a song, and how much voice and context can change meaning. Then, there might be some squeeing over NOLA and a certain vampire.

Storytelling weaves this episode together: perspective, meaning making, connection, and how stories become part of who we are. Enjoy!

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  • Gallier House
  • Gallier House, the 19th-Century French Quarter townhome where maaaaybe some vampires lived, and for sure the 2022 television series Interview with the Vampire series filmed a few scenes.

  • Rick Riordan Presents
  • An imprint of Disney/Hyperion Publishing

  • Rockstar
  • Like the two samples from Rockstar we included in this episode? Check-out the entire album.

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