Love is a many splendored thing, but the stories about it aren’t always as splendid. AJ Knox and Julia Skott try to figure out if they can make chick flicks and romcoms better - or make them weird.


Spice World

In this episode, Julia completely unironically uses the words “inane brilliance”. Also, there’s some deja vu.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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Last Holiday

(Queen Latifah, not Alec Guinness.) Yet another movie with incredible food footage! Also fabulous clothing, fascinating side characters, and LL Cool J as not LL Cool J.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Mamma Mia

More ABBA! We think of alternate titles and alternate dads, and try to refrain from singing along.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Sister Act (and SA2: Back In The Habit)

We do get a tiny bit sidetracked by things like the plural noun for nuns and whether or not they can own motorbikes - but mostly we and our special guest talk about high and low stakes, musical numbers, and saving the ice rink.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Joyful Noise

This movie has Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, and montages - and it’s one heck of a roller coaster.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Josie and the Pussycats

Orange is the new pink and it’s time to get Y2K to the max. Time for a star-studded movie with a great soundtrack.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Muriel’s Wedding

Musical May! And it’s ABBA time with this many-faceted Australian bouquet.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


The Princess Bride

For our pod-birthday, AJ watches this cult classic for the first time and hopes that people will stop yelling at him about it.

Among the things that got cut for time: The history of snake oil, medieval superstitions about supernumerary fingers, and actual R.O.U.S-es.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


L.A. Story

Self-confessed Steve Martin aficionado AJ discovers a gem that he has somehow missed. Julia ponders picking up the tuba.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Always Be My Maybe

This movie made us happy - and hungry. (Seriously, there is quite a bit of deleted material that is just about restaurants and food.) We also talk a bit about the crap AAPI people have to deal with both in and out of Hollywod.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


The Truth About Cats And Dogs

Julia confesses to having a butt for radio; AJ starts to wonder if he misses LA. Also, Janeane Garofalo is awesome.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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