Love is a many splendored thing, but the stories about it aren’t always as splendid. AJ Knox and Julia Skott try to figure out if they can make chick flicks and romcoms better - or make them weird.


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Angela Bassett is an international treasure - but maybe, surprisingly, not the best thing about this movie. Also: Is this actually just a remake of Hook? And is Hey There Delilah about Whoopi Goldberg?

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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A League Of Their Own

There’s no crying in baseball, but there is a lot of crying on the couch. Two people who know extremely little about sports but a LOT about montages talk about one of the best sports movies of all time.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


She’s All That

It’s a trip down so many memory lanes. The quotes. The dance sequence. The cast! Along the way we learn things about speaker systems, AJ’s childhood, and a very special script doctor.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Music and Lyrics

We dive into a (Buddha’s) delight and take detours to declare our love for Adam Schlesinger and Kristen Johnston. Find out why AJ calls this the best meet-cute ever, and why Julia has been playing the soundtrack for over ten years.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Pretty Woman

A white knight in a white limo - or a pretty grim love story, even with the friendlier final script? We hang out with Vivian and Edward but mostly with Hector Elizondo.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Love, Simon

A modern classic? Quite possibly. We discuss a lovely coming-out and coming-of-age story.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Dirty Dancing

A Greek chorus and a Swiss watch are obviously things that come up when you talk about one of the greatest movies of all time, right? Spoiler: One of us had never seen Dirty Dancing before.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Pitch Perfect

Aca-awesome, you guys. We discover some unexpected personal connections to this competition-movie staple - and neither of us sings, we promise.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox



Schmaltz! But it has to be good schmaltz. We go looking for the wind beneath our wings and some truly wonderful art direction.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


My Life In Ruins

Also NOT known as My Big Fat Greek Vacation. But it could be.

We take a fantasy vacation to explore ruins and romance. And souvlaki.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


27 Dresses

A wardrobe montage! A jukebox sing-along! Judy Greer! Witty quips! This movie has all the components for a great romcom, but does it make the most of them? Spoiler: This episode contains quite a bit of sighing and grumbling.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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