Love is a many splendored thing, but the stories about it aren’t always as splendid. AJ Knox and Julia Skott try to figure out if they can make chick flicks and romcoms better - or make them weird.


Two Weeks Notice

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on Netflix, you get smacked with the worst cameo ever.

(Yes, there should be an apostrophe in the title. There isn’t.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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The perfect date? April 25th. Or just watching this movie and eating pizza.

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Ah, the hubris to attempt to improve upon Nora Ephron. But we do our best - after we talk through Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s meandering road to love.

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Alternate title: “Sleeping Beauty and the very good ensemble cast.”

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We bring on a special guest to talk about Chekhov’s driver’s license, handknits, and manic pixie dream calendars.

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Holidays, Hays code, and hella sighing. We take on a movie that is not what it seems.

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Love and Basketball

All is fair in love and romantic comedies. (If you take a drink every time we don’t know something about sports, you will be passed out halfway through this episode.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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