Love is a many splendored thing, but the stories about it aren’t always as splendid. AJ Knox and Julia Skott try to figure out if they can make chick flicks and romcoms better - or make them weird.



Or, as AJ dubs it, “Redemption Arc: The Movie”. We discover that some 90s movies are way more fun to revisit than you might think!

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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How much should you leave up to fate? And once you’ve done that, how hard should you try and steer fate? We have Thoughts.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox



Holidays, Hays code, and hella sighing. We take on a movie that is not what it seems.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Love and Basketball

All is fair in love and romantic comedies. (If you take a drink every time we don’t know something about sports, you will be passed out halfway through this episode.)

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Practical Magic

Julia has a field day and a lot of head canon, AJ has an epiphany, and everyone has margaritas.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Interview With The Vampire

Gonzo journalism, homeopathy, plural nouns, and so much more in this discussion of a bloodsucker classic. One of us is way too invested in the science of the supernatural and it is not AJ.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


The Craft

Are we the weirdos? We are the weirdos. Get ready for questionable CGI and a lot of witchy stuff as we take on the four corners.

Content note: There is some discussion about suicide and self harm around the twelve-minute mark.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox



We have a very special very passionate guest on, to talk about very sparkly vampires. Does Julia accidentally use the words “immortal boner”? Absolutely.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Bonus! Agents of Smooch: Eurovision

Enjoy a special bonus crossover episode! The Agents of Smooch did a travel series this summer and one of the places they visited was Iceland, for Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga.

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Reality Bites

Does the world, in fact, owe you a Snickers? Are you team Troy or team Michael? And what movie did AJ think we were talking about?

Julia Skott and AJ Knox


Love, Guaranteed

Sometimes, you just need a really nice movie. Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr are really nice people in a really nice movie. Is that so bad?

Julia Skott and AJ Knox

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