13: Harry Potter and the Picasso P.I.

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In honor of the release of the seventh Harry Potter film, we convene a collection of panelists to discuss the books, the movies, the phenomenon that is J.K. Rowling’s young-wizard saga. (If you haven’t read the series, there are spoilers and also the entire podcast will make no sense. Except for the part about “Magnum P.I.” and Pablo Picasso. This episode sponsored by the word “exegesis” and the musical stylings of Tom Bombadil.)

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The Incomparable Participants: Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Glenn Fleishman, and Serenity Caldwell. The Incomparable Theme Song composed by Christopher Breen. An MP3 version is available.

Spoiler Horn Data

Seriously, if you don’t get the whole “Harry Potter” thing, don’t listen. There are minor spoilers for details of what’s in the seventh movie, but again, not really if you’ve read the book.

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There are so many problems with the Harry Potter books. Harry not seeing the Thestrals until after Cedric dies (not Sirus as mentioned in the podcast) is certainly one of them. What bugs me the most is the Harry/Ginny relationship. Ginny, while being important in book 2 for her role at the end, is barely in it. Then, she's basically gone in 3 and 4. She's in a bit of book 5 (where Molly mentions using a love potion on Arthur to Ginny and Hermione). Suddenly, in book 6, Harry is in love with Ginny and jealous. Huh?

My favourite character is Hermione and Ron is a twit. While the arguing as a crush might make sense in book 1, they argue throughout the series until book 6. One of the problems I have is Rowling's decision for one big Weasley family. She decides to marry most of the major characters into the family. Fleur is really badly treated by Ginny and the Weasleys but marries Bill, then we have both Harry and Hermione marry into the family.

For Hogwarts being a "safe" place, it's not at all. In book one alone, a troll is let into the castle, they're sent on detention into the "forbidden forest" to hunt something that's killing unicorns. Plus, the stone is protected by traps that three first years gets past. Not particularly safe. Plus, putting something that's wanted by the bad guy in a school?

Most stupid death, Hedwig. If they're flying why bother putting her in a cage? Just let her fly on her own. If she didn't want to have her around, just have Hedwig have a moment of heroism by flying into a curse that would have hurt Harry.

On Quidditch, while I agree it's a problem, they had the World Cup where the Irish won over the Bulgarians without catching the snitch.

Books 6 and 7 I hate, so I'm skipping those movies.

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