8: "Top Men"


"Raiders of the Lost Ark," and why it's so great, with John Gruber, Dan Moren, and Jason Snell. Also, "Star Wars" comes up a few times.

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The Incomparable Participants: John Gruber, Dan Moren, and Jason Snell.

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Here's an interesting view of that Cairo cafe scene.


Keep getting a "file not available" on the MP3 version, alas.

Screw the othe Indy films, the next one should be Ghostbusters.

Raiders is the best movie of all time. I can watch this, and have, over and over again and always find new little bits to enjoy.

One thing that didn't come up in the discussion. How in all four movies people either drive off, or fall off cliffs. Definitely a signature feature to all Indy movies. I never knew there were so many ominous deadly cliffs in the world.

Great podcast, fellas.

Another sign of Raiders' impact: two fans spent their teens filming a homemade adaptation.

And is this the blog post dissecting the bar scene grubi mentions at 24:40?

Right! I was linking it a second time because... uh...

::spots departing U-Boat, coils whip around periscope, holds breath::

Gentlemen, thanks for referencing the "Don't make a Scene" on Raiders... in your pod-cast (I was wondering why it had spiked). Hope we can be of use in the future.

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