Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted is it: the most recent Muppets movie, with no theatrical releases currently in the works. Will this be the last Muppets movie ever? Almost certainly not. But for a momentary finale, it’s pretty good!

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Muppets

We’ve made it through the murkiest period in Muppets movie history and arrived at the wonderful other side: the 2011 sequel/reboot The Muppets. At once a return to classic Muppets form and a fresh approach for the modern age, this movie brought our favorite puppets back into people’s hearts and screens. Between the cast, music, and jokes, there is so much to love about the (so far) penultimate Muppets movie.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz

There are good Muppet movies, there are bad Muppet movies, and then there’s The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz. This fever dream of a TV movie is full of inappropriate humor, terrible CGI, and truly baffling decisions. Join us in dissecting the strangeness, won’t you?

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Muppet Christmas Carol

For December we jump back to The Muppet’s first adaptation of a classic story and first movie produced after Jim Henson’s death, The Muppet Christmas Carol. This movie has everything: Gonzo playing Charles Dickens, genuine tear-jerker scenes, comedic rats, tiny frog children, and the most disturbing Muppet to grace our screens thus far.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


Muppets From Space

Muppets From Space sure is a movie that exists! We do our best to pull out the charming moments from what’s often considered the worst Muppet movie, and examine the mysterious writing conflicts that may explain how it got that way.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


Muppet Treasure Island

All aboard for Muppet Treasure Island, a pirate adventure with top-tier music, Kermit costumes, and Tim Curry.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Muppets Take Manhattan

After the sophomore slump of The Great Muppet Caper, the Muppets are back firing on all cylinders for The Muppets Take Manhattan. The gang becomes starving artists, there’s an entire scene in Sardi’s, and Quinn gives a queer reading of Fozzie Bear.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Great Muppet Caper

It’s a hard task to follow up the achievement that was The Muppet Movie, but The Great Muppet Caper in 1981 certainly… follows up. We discuss where this film falls short, but still have plenty to appreciate in the jokes, choreography, and Murphy Beds. Also, Quinn has never seen James Bond. I know, I know.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett


The Muppet Movie

We’re searching for the Rainbow Connection in our first episode all about the 1979 film that turned a TV phenomena into a decades-long movie franchise: The Muppet Movie. Which jokes are still perfect in 2020, and which ones required a search engine to get? How does Kermit ride a bicycle? Where is the line between a frog on the menu and our good friend Kermit? We are able to answer some of these questions.

Quinn Rose and Stephen Hackett