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The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Keith, the boy in rumpled shorts and shirt, did not know he was being watched as he entered Room 215 of the Mountain View Inn.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy

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Henry Huggins’s dog Ribsy was a plain ordinary city dog, the kind of dog that strangers usually called Mutt or Pooch. The always called him this in a friendly way, because he was a friendly dog.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


Sister of the Bride

I guess this is just one of those days, thought Barbara MacLane on her way home from school one bright afternoon late in April. She was not alone. She was walking beside a boy, a very tall boy, but their thoughts were like those famous parallel lines that lie in the same plane but never meet.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


Henry and the Clubhouse

Henry Huggins had a lot of good ideas that fall when he first had his paper route, but somehow his ideas had a way of not turning out as he had planned.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


Emily’s Runaway Imagination

The things that happened to Emily Bartlett that year!

It seemed to Emily that it all began one bright spring day, a day meant for adventure.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


Jean and Johnny

“I have the funniest feeling,” remarked Jean Jarrett, who was drying the supper dishes while her older sister, Sue, washed them. “I keep feeling as if something nice is going to happen.”

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


The Luckiest Girl

One Saturday morning early in September Shelley Latham sat at the breakfast table with her mother and father. Her mother was reading the women’s page of the morning paper while her father read the editorial section.

Phil Gonzales


Henry and the Paper Route

One Friday afternoon Henry Huggins sat on the front steps of his white house on Klickitat Street, with his dog Ribsy at his feet. He was busy trying to pick the cover off an old golf ball to see what was inside.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy



Today I’m going to meet a boy, Jane Purdy told herself, as she walked up Blossom Street toward her babysitting job. Today I’m going to meet a boy. Guest host: Elana Gravitz, reader: Shannon Campe

Phil Gonzales


Beezus and Ramona

Beatrice Quimby’s biggest problem was her little sister Ramona.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy


Henry and Ribsy

One warm Saturday morning in August, Henry Huggins and his mother and father were eating breakfast in their square white house on Klickitat Street. Henry’s dog Ribsy sat close to Henry’s chair, hoping for a handout.

Phil Gonzales and John McCoy

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