Free the Squee #8 March 31, 2024
Tay Tay, Tea Cups, Sapphic Space Pirates, and Godzilla (what?)

You Can Ship a Ship Ship

Stacy and Heather revisit a previous squee: The Taylor Swift Eras Tour, and talk about an up and coming new squee, Aliette de Bodard’s The Red Scholar’s Wake. Speaking of squee, it’s time to debrief Gally! There’s a lot to unpack about the world’s largest and longest running Doctor Who Con (and a rather long ribbon roll to boot!) In honor of cherry blossom season we spend some time with Japanese culture. Our Tell and Tell this episode is all about tea and remarkable Japanese tableware. We touch on customs and meaning making, and why it might be okay to spend $200 on a tea cup. Then we take on Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Academy Award Winner Godzilla Minus One, (and maybe a giant flying turtle) in our chat about intergenerational trauma, and what monsters might mean in media.

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  • FTS Insta
  • Check-out our pics of all the things and some VERY SILLY REELS of Stacy’s many, many ribbons.

  • Musubi Kiln
  • Beware of extraordinarily beautiful things. (Free the Squee podcast denies all liability for listener overspending on gorgeous ceramics.)

  • Aliette de Bodard's website
  • Make sure to check-out The Red Scholar’s Wake and her other awesome titles.

  • Gally 2025
  • If you’ve ever wanted to talk about production codes and the screen accurate lengths of every Fourth Doctor scarves, this is the place.

  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
  • Best Godzilla Heather’s ever seen! (OK, so maybe its the only Godzilla she’s ever seen. But still…)

  • San Diego's Japanese Friendship Garden
  • Opened in 1991 as an expression of friendship between San Diego and its sister city, Yokohama. The garden is inspired from centuries-old Japanese design and techniques, creating a living exhibition comprised of plants and florae native to Japan and San Diego.

  • Giant Flying Turtles, you say?