Free the Squee #3 October 23, 2023
What is horror and why do we like it? (Well, Stacy LOVES it. Heather is mostly confused by it.) Plus, a deep dive into the Flanaverse.

Horror is a Trench (Not a Bucket)

It’s spooky season! Heather and Stacy talk all things horror (sometimes with explicit language, eek!) including why humans might like a good jump scare. With special love for the Flanaverse (All Hail Kate Siegel!) and a nod to Freddy down on Elm Street, let’s get into what scares us and what brings us together.

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Show Notes

We DID give the correct web address in the podcast. However, in case you missed it, here you go! Incomparable Membership: (

For all you true shrinky dink nerds out there, here are links to the pupillary response articles Stacy referenced: (