If you have a podcast, Jason Snell will probably agree to be on it. He's on a lot of podcasts. He may have a problem.

This site and feed exist to provide one podcast feed for all of his appearances (outside of The Incomparable or Relay FM). It's like a whole new podcast where the guest stays the same but the rest of the podcast just keeps changing!

The Talk Show 255

Zap the PRAM

Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics include everything announced at WWDC: SwiftUI, Catalyst, and all the new features in iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and tvOS.

Previous Appearances

The Talk Show

'Fort Jason Sudeikis'

Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics include BBEdit’s 25th anniversary, the saga of Word 6 for Mac in the 1990s, Mac iOS user interface differences (including an extensive discussion of Mojave’s craptacular “Marzipan” apps, and a few varying theories on what those apps portend), Photos on Mac and iOS, and, of course, keyboards.

Mac Power Users

Return to the Snell Zone

Jason Snell returns to tell us about his iMac Pro, how he uses his Mac mini, Jason’s move towards iOS, being an avid reader, making time for it all, and a few of his favorite picks.


Jason Snell Takes Control of Apple's Photos on Mac and iOS

Jason Snell helps you get the most out of Apple’s photo utilities in his new book, Take Control of Photos. An evolution from a previous title, Jason’s latest effort expands on that to cover both Photos in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. He talks about why the format of this book is more in tune with how we consume information now, then digs in to how Photos compares with other photo editing options out there, what you can and can’t do with your photos on Apple TV, and the new capabilities Apple has given us for creating printed items even though they are no longer offering that under their brand. The iOS version of Photos has plenty of new features and capabilities, sometimes outstripping its desktop counterpart. Jason tells us what they are and how to use them.


Jason Snell Takes Control of Apple Photos

If you want to learn all about something, write a book about it. Or, to avoid yourself a lot of work, read someone else’s book about it! Jason Snell has written several versions of his book Take Control of Photos, and he joins us to talk about what’s new in Apple’s photo software and ecosystem for the Mac and iOS devices. We also talk about making print books and calendars, features that were removed from Photos earlier this year, and how machine learning is going to play a more important role in photo software.


Exploring Apple Pay with Jason Snell of Six Colors

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this episode we’re talking about a piece of payments technology developed by the technological juggernaut that is Apple Computer…. Apple Pay. Contactless payments systems are revolutionizing the payments industry. Forget swiping, chip readers, or dinosaurs like cash and checks. Now, it’s just a matter of tapping something with your phone.

But what’s Apple Pay really all about? How is adoption going? Where is Apple Pay expanding to? Our guest this week is Jason Snell, who is a long time tech writer and podcast host, who is the senior editor for Six Colors, a site all about Apple and other technology companies. He had a tremendous amount to share about Apple Pay and the tech giant behind it.

Sophomore Lit

The Red Badge of Courage

Hither and thither, the entire Snell Family is here to discuss Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage (1895).

Sophomore Lit

War of the Worlds

No one would have believed in the first years of the twenty-first century that this podcast was being listened to keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own. Jason Snell discusses H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds (1897).

Emoji Wrap

Yellow Baseball ⚾️ with Jason Snell

We finally see every new emoji coming to iOS in 2018, did Apple try and spoil Microsoft’s big day, and what’s got the New Yorkers upset? With special guest Jason Snell from Six Colors.

Interview with Jason Snell from Six Colors - TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-04

Interview with Jason Snell from Six Colors - TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-04

Jason Snell from Six Colors and The Incomparable podcast joins Jeff Gamet to talk about the evolution of media from print to online, Jason’s experience in the podcasting world, and the new season of Doctor Who.

Friends In Your Ears

Brad Dowdy and Jason Snell

This week, Kathy is joined by two podcasting powerhouses: Brad Dowdy and Jason Snell. We talk about how they started podcasts (spoiler alert: they both now do podcasts with people that inspired them to start!), podcasts that they love and sports ball. Additionally, it’s time for Jason to get a little bit emotional.

The Talk Show

Smallen Up the Bezels

“Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics do include mechanical keyboards, but do not — I swear — include baseball. Also: speculation on what Apple might do with the non-Pro MacBook lineup.”

Audio Guide to B5

"River of Souls"

I’m making my last appearance on the B5 Audio Guide to talk about a very confounding TV movie.


Hands-On with the Shortcuts App

“Federico is joined by Jason Snell to talk about Shortcuts.”

Hugos There

The Diamond Age

“This time Seth is joined by Jason Snell, head honcho at The Incomparable, and they discuss Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, winner of the 1996 Hugo Award.”