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Interview with Six Colors Editor-in-Chief Jason Snell

Jason Snell is one of the best known Apple technical journalists. He’s the Editor-in-Chief of the Apple focused website Six Colors, and he told me the intriguing story about how that name came to be. Previously he was Senior VP and editorial director at IDG, publishers of Macworld, PCWorld, and TechHive. Jason always knew he wanted to be a journalist, and he told me the story about, as a kid, standing on his back porch in a rainstorm and pretending to do a live TV weather report. In 1991, he created InterText, one of the first online fiction magazines. Today, Jason writes and podcasts about everything Apple. In our show, Jason shared his thoughts about many of the most timely and pressing topics related to Apple today: the Mac and iPad futures and the Apple TV.

Previous Appearances

Apple Talk 23

Apple TV, with Jason Snell

Following up on Q1 2017, Gartenberg and Ritchie speak with special guest Jason Snell of Six Colors on Apple TV: What it was meant to be, what it ended up being, and where it goes from here.

B5 Audio Guide 48

"Passing Through Gethsemane"

This is possibly one of the best done-in-one episodes of B5: meaty, great sci-fi concept, cultural commentary, well directed and (mostly) acted, psychological drama, and a surprising amount of fodder for the spoiler section. And because someone dies horribly in it, that means it’s time for that cheery soul Jason Snell to join us again!

Macworld 500

SE Stands for Super Exciting

The Macworld podcast celebrates its 500th episode! Yes, 500 years ago—we mean 11 years ago, this podcast started humbly as an experiment by a Macworld intern turned staffer recorded partly in a conference room with a nerdy guest named…Glenn Fleishman calling in remotely. Did the experiment succeed?

TWiT 555

Please Rate our Toilet

Apple/DOJ case stalls, the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro, Amazon Echo as a platform, lesson’s from Tay, effects of streaming on the music industry, and more…

The Talk Show 150

Strict Robot Definer

Jason Snell (Six Colors, The Incomparable, Upgrade) returns to the show for an in-depth look at last week’s Apple Event, and the two products that were introduced: the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Other topics include the ongoing FBI/Apple encryption soap opera, what’s wrong with the Apple Watch — and our appreciation for the late great Garry Shandling.

SBS 58

From Magazine Editor to Small Business Publisher

Long-time technology journalist Jason Snell spent 17 years writing, editing and managing teams at Macworld magazine before leaving that behind to start his own small business publishing company, SixColors.com. Along the way, Jason also created and managed various Podcasts like The Incomparable, TV Talk Machine, and Upgrade. Jason joins Shannon and Dave to talk about the experience of moving from manager to business owner, and shares some of his favorite stories along the way.


Jason Snell joins MashTalk to discuss the iPhone SE

On this episode of MashTalk, it’s all Apple, all day.

We discuss Apple’s recent event, its new recycling robot Liam, the iPhone SE, updates to the Apple Watch and the smaller iPad Pro.

Plus, Six Colors Editor-In-Chief and Apple expert Jason Snell joins us to offer his insight on Apple’s new products and the event itself. Congrats to Jason for becoming MashTalk’s first repeat guest!

TWiT 552

Then They Came for the Oatmeal

Leo Laporte is joined in-studio by Becky Worley, Jason Snell, and Harry McCracken to discuss Google’s self-driving car hitting a bus, Apple’s new campus, the future of journalists, the smartphone as an extension of the mind, and more…

Mac Power Users 310

One Year Indie with Jason Snell

David and Katie check in with Jason Snell to see how things are going one year into life as an independent publisher.

Sophomore Lit 18

Stranger in a Strange Land

You asked for it. Oh, why did you ask for it? Jason Snell returns to discuss Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, in a double-sized podcast that will take as long to listen to as the book does to read.

MacVoices 15199

Podcasting and Photos

Jason Snell has updated Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course, and gives us quick tour of some of his favorite new features in the photo editor and manager. Photos may not be a successor (yet) to Aperture, but there are plenty of great additions; He talks about how he covers them to make sure you can take full advantage of them. Jason and host Chuck Joiner also talk about ten years of MacNotables how podcasting has developed, and then hit a subject that has never been mentioned before on MacVoices.


iPad Pro

I’m on MashTalk with Christina Warren talking iPad Pro.

Macworld 476

Please Don't Squeeze the iPhone

Jason Snell, proprietor of Six Colors, joins Glenn this week to talk about the release of El Capitan and the two new iPhones, all of which Jason tested over a very, very busy couple of weeks and published reviews of earlier this week. El Capitan is ready for business in a way that we can’t remember many or any other OS X releases being. We recommend upgrading for all Yosemite users.

New Screen Savers 21

iPhone 6S

The best of Maker Faire World, TechCrunch CoHero, the BB-8 robot tear down, Leo answers your questions and Pomplamoose plays live.

Sophomore Lit 11

Cat's Cradle

Don’t be a stuppa. Forget your granfalloon and let this podcast be your wampter. Jason Snell joins in to discuss Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. Busy, busy, busy!

The Kindle Chronicles 368

Jason Snell

“I hope the E Ink readers stick around, because I do love them. But it’s going to be a niche market. It’s going to be for people who are dedicated book readers who are willing to spend at least a little bit of money for a nice, distraction-free experience.”

TWiT 523

Screwball Ventures

Alphabet, ROKU private channels, AT&T and the NSA, and more.

Welcome to Macintosh Extra


“Downloading” programs in the ’80s.

Talk Show 126

Tommy Got Made

Jason Snell returns to the show, with a lot to talk about: Pebble’s new Pebble Time smartwatch, the “Safari is the New IE” argument, the state of web advertising (and its adverse effects on performance and privacy) and monetization, and more.

Macworld 465

O El Capitan, my Capitan

Jason Snell joins Glenn and Susie to discuss the things we love in the OS X and iOS betas.

MacBreak 463

It's a Company Car

Jason Snell fills in for Leo this week. Public betas for iOS 9, El Capitan, hands on with Photos 1.1, Office 2016 for Mac is out, Apple Pay launches in UK, pictures of Pluto, and more!

Macworld Podcast 461

Extra, extra, hear all about the News app

Glenn is joined by Jason Snell of Six Colors, and Tom Standage of the Economist to unpack what Apple’s push into the news business means for publishers and readers alike.

Inquisitive 41

Favourite Album: Jason Snell and 'Crowded House'

This week Myke talks to Jason Snell to about ‘Crowded House’, by Crowded House.

MacVoices 15127

Jason Snell Delivers a Crash Course on Photos for Mac

Jason Snell hasn’t written a tech book in a long time, but he changed all that with his new Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course. Jason takes a deep dive into Apple’s new Photos app and talks about what works and what isn’t what should be, and who it is for. iCloud Drive figures prominently in the discussion, as does the transition from iPhoto or Aperture to Photos, the kinds of editing it can do, and more.

MacBreak Weekly 455

Force Touch Everything

The first Apple Watch software update, Apple releases cheaper Retina iMac and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch, Apple readies “TVKit” SDK for Apple TV, a look at the Steve Jobs teaser, Apple acquires Coherent Navigation, Apple Inc crowned most eco-friendly tech company in the world, Apple now sells Lightning dock for your iPhone, and more.

The Rebound 34

All the Ks

Lex is…actually we don’t know where Lex is. But we have the lovely and talented Jason Snell on this week’s episode taking up the slack and then some.

Welcome to Macintosh 4

Page Turner

It’s the end of the Macworld as we know it.

NosillaCast 521

Pond5, Password Playdate, VSN Mobil V.360° Camera, Jason Snell

I was lucky enough to be on the MacCast and Clockwise this week talking Apple Watch. Donald Burr explains how perhaps Apple’s guidelines on location accuracy in Core Location might explain why my Apple Watch was giving inaccurate results. In Dumb Question Corner Todd McCann of the Trucker Dump Podcast asks a question about using an Airport Extreme in bridge mode. Interview from NAB 2015 with Pond5 from pond5.com to acquire legal audio, video and images for use online. I walk through the trials and tribulations of how to put together a presentation I call Password Playdate without revealing my own passwords to the audience. Interview from NAB about the VSN Mobil V.360° Waterproof Action Camera. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Jason Snell joins us to talk about the Apple Watch, Photos and what it’s like to strike out on your own.

Reality Bomb

Episode 022

On the twenty-second episode of Reality Bomb, guest host Alex Kennard talks with technology writer (and host of The Incomparable podcast) Jason Snell about the latest controversy over the Hugo nominations and what it has to do with Doctor Who. We’re also talking to author Liz Myles about the book she co-edited, Companion Piece - Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who and Nikki Stafford brings Planet of the Ood into the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus, Graeme Burk talks to a 7 year-old about meeting Peter Capaldi on location and more!

Podcast Digest 35

Jason Snell

Jason Snell, one of the preeminent writers and podcasters in the Technology world, joins me for a wonderful discussion of his podcasting and a couple of the innovative things he is trying, the start up of “Upgrade” on Relay FM, some of the wild editing challenges he faces, and a few behind the scenes stories of covering Apple over the years. Jason also recommends some of his favorite non-technology podcasts that he loves!

Connected 35

The Popsicle Rumor

This week, the boys are joined by Jason Snell to talk about Photos.app, then wrap up “Becoming Steve Jobs.”

iPad Today 243

Twitterrific, Comixology, Alto's Adventure

Jason Snell joins us this week with his favorite iPad Apps. Twitterrific, Comixology, Alto’s Adventure, MLB at bat, The Robot Factory, Nuzzel.

TWiT 505

My Thumb Got Sweaty

Apple Watch pre-orders sell out, the new Apple MacBook and Samsung Galaxy S6 are released, critical security flaw in OS X 10.10.3 gets patched, Twitter is pushing for celebs to stop using Meerkat, Hillary Clinton hires Google executive to be CTO, how the Russians might have hacked the White House, Mark Pincus returns as Zynga’s CEO, Lynda.com gets purchased by LinkedIn, self-driving car makes it across the country, EFF busts podcasting patent, and more.

iMore 451

Live from Úll

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode We’re live from the Ùll conference in Ireland talking Apple Watch, Macbook, Tim Cook, and more! With Serenity Caldwell, Georgia Dow, Rene Ritchie, and special guest Jason Snell!

Skiffy and Fanty 263

Rethinking the Hugo Awards

Fandom, Radical Categorization, and Hugo kvetching, oh my! TheG, Cora Buhlert, and Jason Snell join us to discuss the confusion over the Hugo categories, ways to fix them to make voting easier and more “fan oriented,” and the problems with the system as it currently stands — and maybe a little bit about politics, too.

B5 Audio Guide 23

Points of Departure

“It’s the end. But the moment has been prepared for.” In this pop culture-poaching edition of B5AG (seriously, we apologize for the Scarecrow and Mrs. King theme) we bring The Incomparable’s Jason Snell back for something of a regeneration story (OK, that’s our last Doctor Who reference. Ish.) as we welcome the arrival of Bruce Boxleitner as Captain John Sheridan! Is Chip suffering from FOMS (Fear Of Missing Sinclair)? Can Jason adjust to guesting on an episode that isn’t hideously dark and depressing? All this, plus a quick drop-in from our Control Group, Steven, in an Audio Guide podcast that is not quite as long as the last one.

Maccessibility OTB 3

We Heard About the Corbomite

In Episode 3 of The Maccessibility Inside The Box Podcast, we are joined by Jason Snell. Topics discussed include: Apple’s commitment to accessibility, the Spring Forward event, and Star Trek.

MacBreak Weekly 445

Meerkat Inception

First hand impressions of the Apple Watch and MacBook from Serenity Caldwell and Jason Snell who were at the Apple Event on Monday, HBO is coming to the web in April exclusively from Apple, Apple Watch battery life and availability, the storage on Apple Watch, Apple announces ResearchKit to help medical researchers, the Meerkat video streaming app, and more.

TWiT 499

Live Long and Prosper

Mobile World Congress preview, Apple Watch speculation, Title II, and more.

Reality Bomb

Episode 20

On the twentieth episode of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk talks to Felicity Kuzinitz, Felicity Brown and Robert Smith? about what they would most like to see in the new season of Doctor Who. We also commemorate ten years of downloading since the leak of Rose by chatting with technology writer (and host of The Incomparable podcast) Jason Snell. And author and Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell brings the 1965 story The Web Planet to the Gallery of the Underrated. Plus, Alex Kennard sings about the hard life of not going to Gallifrey and we go back to 2005 for a Canadian Heritage Moment!

Daily Tech News Show 2433

Super Fishy

Jason Snell is with us today to talk about just how likely it is that Apple will build a car.

Build Your Utopia 34

Interview with Jason Snell

Jason Snell was lead editor at Macworld for a decade, and recently left that job to start Six Colors, an independent web site about Apple and other technology companies. He’s also the host of numerous podcasts on the Relay FM network as well as his own The Incomparable network.

He left his company to take on a new challenge because he didn’t like his previous job, it was too much management and not enough creativity. Plus, the company was showing signs of sliding downhill. Jason and his former employer parted ways mutually right around the time that the company was going through layoffs.

Luckily, Jason was planning ahead and was actively setting up the foundation of his entrepreneurial path.

Jason has a great office set up in his garage and has worked with his family to create separation.

Jason feels close to being in his Utopia. With his Utopia, he’s not looking for complete security but more challenges, freedom to make creative decisions, and a focus on content and web publishing. He also likes putting the decisions on his shoulders and then not having barriers to having decisions implemented, unlike corporate settings. This is why he loves what he’s doing with Six Colors.

He has never had much of a work-life balance, whether it was in his previous media position or his current company. The challenge has been being aware of a dividing line of respect with time for work and time for family. It has been an on-going challenge for him.. sound familiar?

Jason’s 3 Value Bombs:

  • Be open to new things
  • Nobody is better than you and nobody is worse than you
  • Find the things that you love and try to integrate them into what you do as much as possible

iMore 441

Going to Need a Bigger Chart

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode we talk Apple’s Q1 2015 results, the iPhone phenomena, Mac growth, Apple Watch ship date, and the evolution of the iPad. With Peter Cohen, Rene Ritchie, and special guests Georgia Dow and Jason Snell.

Your Daily Lex 214

Your Daily Jason II

Jason Snell again takes the helm of YDL while Lex is unavailable.

MacBreak Weekly 438

Give 'Em the Shoes

Chipotle “very interested” in Apple Pay, Apple patent points to iCloud-based Touch ID syncing and fingerprint-protected Apple Pay terminals, Overcast’s sales numbers, Monument Valley team reveals the cost and reward of making a hit iOS game, Intel CEO responds to rumors of ARM-based Macs, and more.

Defocused 31

I Like a Good Montage

This week we discuss the 80s cult classic Real Genius (1985) with Chris Knight super-fan Jason Snell.

The East Wing 5

Talking in My Pajamas

Tim talks with Jason Snell about the start of his interest in technology, working at Macworld, writing for himself, and more.

TWiT 491

Programmed to Kill Ponies

Relevance of CES, robot wars at home, trending trends, and more.

Tech News 2Night 240

Apple in 2014

Sarah Lane and Jason Snell talk all things Apple in 2014 including the new iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, iMacs, iPad, and the future of media distribution.

The Talk Show 105

George Lucas Called

Special guest Jason Snell joins the show for a year-end extravaganza. Topics include Jason’s first three months writing (and podcasting) as an indie at his new Six Colors; a look back at his 20-year career at MacUser and soon thereafter Macworld; tricky edge cases when booking sponsorships, and the whole situation with separating advertising sales from editorial integrity when you’re running a one-person publication; the Sony/North Korea hacking and The Interview, and iTunes’s slightly belated release thereof; and we pour one out for good old Movable Type.

Mac Power Users 231

Sticking it To The Man

David and Katie sit down with Jason Snell, now an independent technology writer and podcaster, to talk about how his workflows have changed.

Tech News Tonight 225

Is Uber Ripe for Hacking?

Is North Korea behind the Sony Pictures hacking?, President Obama approves millions for police body cameras, Uber’s user data could be ripe for hacking, Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping record, Nordstrom testing dressing room mirrors with eBay screens, and Google relaunches the Santa Tracker website.

TWiT 486

This Ain't No Tongue Tingle

Another big state sponsored malware program is discovered, Firefox drops Google as default search engine for Yahoo, Europe wants to extend right to be forgotten worldwide, Uber takes ‘disciplinary actions’ against executive over privacy violations, Twitter to start tracking what apps you download, Flickr is about to sell your Creative Commons photos, music publishers sue an ISP over piracy, and more.

The Interview Show 6

Bucks County

Jason Snell, the former Editor-in-Chief of Macworld and Editorial Director of PCWorld, joins Seth to discuss life after big media and starting his own podcasting career. Jason is a frequent contributor to MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT Network and is currently involved in a number of podcasts including: Clockwise, Upgrade and The Incomparable to name a few. He is also writing for his own blog called Six Colors. Jason has a tie to the Bucks County region, his grandmother lived in Dublin, just up the street from the PhillyTech.org HQ.

Periodicalist 7

A New Hope

Jason and Glenn spend the first half of this episode reviewing why periodicals, including the IDG empire, couldn’t escape the innovator’s dilemma, and see the freight train of the Internet bearing down on them; and the second half, looking into the limitations of the current methods of reaching readers and listeners. Their conclusion: email newsletters and podcasts still have a lot to offer.

The SciFi Geeks Club 31

Clear Tubes

On this, the 31st meeting of The SciFi Geeks Club with guest geek Jason Snell - We get even closer to Skynet. The government doesn’t want a monopoly on inventing our future. What’s with those gigantic clear tubes? The Internet gets terraformed. And, a new drinking game is invented.

Defocused 22

Remember When We Were Punk Rock?

This week, special guest Jason Snell joins the snobs in the record store to talk about High Fidelity (2000).

I Hope This Stays Down 13

3 Up, 1 Down

Pat and Aaron are joined by special guest Jason Snell and give their picks for show to binge watch and things they would like to collect if money were no object.

Systematic 119

Pioneering in Media with Jason Snell

Jason Snell, prolific writer and podcaster, joins Brett to talk about long-term employment in the tech world, exploring job independence, 5K iMacs, and much more.

Triangulation 173

Jason Snell and Leo Laporte

Jason Snell is a tech writer and editor, and formerly Macworld’s lead editor.

The Committed 53

With or Without the U

We welcome Jason Snell to the show as we talk about starting new things, Apple’s October 16th special event, iTunes, and PC-free use of iOS devices.

MacVoices 204

The Pebble and the Smartwatch Future

An all-star MacNotables panel of Adam Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Jason Snell and host Chuck Joiner got together to talk about smartwatches in general and the Pebble in particular. Why? Because Pebble was arguably the first smartwatch of the modern era. Because all of them wear one or have worn one with some consistency. And because it is a logical baseline to measure all others by. Find out how they use the Pebble, their thoughts on its future and how it might fare against the Apple Watch, and how much fashion plays into the equation. The group discusses killer features, the watch as stand-alone vs. supplemental device, and what information you really need and want on your wrist.

Audio Guide to Babylon 5 11


David Gerrold’s amazing and depressing “Believers.”

Your Daily Lex 168

Your Daily Jason Snell

Jason takes the YDL helm since Lex has been a little busy.

MacBreak Weekly 422

Designed by Aggle

Apple developing iOS 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 in shift for 2015 launches, Apple Will Be ‘Lucky’ to Ship Apple Watch by Valentine’s Day, New Mac Mini Finally Coming in October Alongside New iPads? Consumer Reports test results find iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not as bendy as believed, Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 with fixes to cellular, touch ID issues; says only 40K iPhone 6/6+ devices affected by 8.0.1 bugs, and more.

Preservation State 36

Bending history

The jobs we had. The jobs we are?

TWiT 476

Brain in a Jar

The iPhone 6 is out, Apple’s “warrant canary” dies, Amazon announces new Kindles and pays $4.6M for domain name “.buy”, Android’s browser flaw, Larry Ellison steps down as Oracle CEO, ride services kills S.F. taxi traditional business, Japanese company Obayashi plans to have a space elevator by 2050, and more.

Electric Shadow 14

Orson Welles of the Genre

Apple has been using cinematic techniques in their events and ads since 1984. Horace Dediu, Jason Snell, and John Gruber discuss the story Apple has told on screens for 30 years: one of engineering thriving on dynamic creativity.

The Talk Show 94

Very Few Outhouses Anymore

Special guest Jason Snell joins the show on the cusp of Apple’s September 9 event, where the company will purportedly introduce two new iPhones and a breakthrough wearable device. Topics include the purpose and advantages of a 5.5-inch iPhone, why only the 5.5-inch iPhone will (I think) get an @3x retina display, speculation on the nature and purpose of an Apple wearable/watch, the intrigue surrounding the event’s venue, and more.

Connected 3

Double Secret Briefing Area

Jason Snell joins Stephen and Myke to discuss Apple’s upcoming September 9th event.

MacBreak Weekly 418

Why Don't My Fingers Fit?

FBI investigating alleged iCloud celebrity hack, Apple confirms that it’s holding an event on September 9, an iWatch rumor roundup, veteran tech journalist Anand Shimpi heads to Apple, and more.

Inquisitive 2

Artisinal Podcast

This week Myke is joined by Jason Snell. They talk about the behind the scenes magic of podcast production, where the medium is moving to and how it compares to the rise of blogging.

The TV Show 13

Slow-motion Sharknado

The TV Show is like app or game reviews for television episodes. Whether you’re watching on the console in your living room or streaming to your phone or tablet, follow along for the week of TV that was. On this episode Jason Snell of The Incomparable joins Dave and Rene to talk Doctor Who season 6, the inconstancies of time travel, messing with show titles, paying off setups, and the oldest questions.

TWiT 471

It Is Brisk

Apple’s style and their secretive internal training program, podcasting’s anniversary, OnePlus’ ‘Ladies First’ contest, Moto 360’s feature set, Facebook to flag satirical articles, Twitter elitism, a hamburger-making robot, Samsung buys SmartThings for $200M, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and more.


Episode 297

Hosts Andrew Brad,Steve,Jody Mark. This week we chat with Jason Snell.

Periodicalist 5

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Glenn Fleishman is joined by Jason Snell, the editorial director of IDG’s consumer division and impresario of The Incomparable Radio Network, to talk about how publications can appeal to people who aren’t the most obsessed about a topic. Cultivating a community of slightly interested people, who represent the largest potential audience segment, is hard to do.

See more at The Periodicalist.

Pragmatic 28

The Changing Face of Writing

Jason Snell has been writing for 25+ years with the most recent two decades in the Tech space. We dive into how writing styles for technology have evolved in recent years, how to structure and focus your writing, understanding editors and having passion in what you write.

MacBreak Weekly 408

1.5 Pop Tarts

Apple releases a cheaper 21.5 inch iMac, Microsoft offers $650 to exchange MacBook Airs for a Surface Pro 3, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 could go into production in July, T-Mobile lends out iPhone 5S to test its network, and more.

TCG 2014

Podcasting and Theatre

I got a chance to speak with David J. Loehr at the annual Theatre Communications Group conference in San Diego on June 21, 2014. This is basically a session in which we evangelize the podcast medium, encourage creative uses of the medium by theatre companies, and talk a little about the technical aspects of putting a podcast together.

Debug 38

WWDC 2014 developer roundtable

Debug is a casual, conversational interview show featuring the best developers in the business about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode Matt Drance of Bookhouse Software, Ryan Nielsen of Tumult, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater, and Jason Snell of Macworld join Guy and Rene to talk about Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote — the Swift programming language, Extensibility, Cloud Kit, Metal, and more.

Unprofessional 93

Accidental Podcast Podcast

Jason Snell returns to make up words like “podcastosphere”.

Random Trek 1

"Tapestry" (TNG) with Jason Snell

Jason Snell, The Incomparable host and Star Trek fan, joins Scott to talk about the TNG episode Tapestry (S6E15).

Topics include Jason’s voyage to Star Trek fandom, to Q or not to Q, space casino games, the message of the episode, and much more.

MacVoices 14.151

Jason Snell on WWDC, His Media Strategy and Hosting Podcasts

Jason Snell has a lot of information to keep up with. As Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for IDG and host of The Incomparable, Jason maintains a steady diet of movies, TV shows, books, comics, podcasts, web sites, press releases and more. How does he do it? We walk through what device(s) Jason uses for what types of media and how he stays afloat with it all. Hosting and participating in a podcast are quite different; Jason and Chuck compare notes, then Jason outlines what he feels we need to see from Apple at next week's WWDC.

TWiT 458

Choose the Guy with the Helmet

I was on Leo Laporte's Big Show with the excellent Tim Stevens of CNET to talk about self-driving cars and other ways that robots will kill all humans in the future.

Storming Mortal 14

Star Trek was always there and print happens later

I talked to Anze Tomic, Slovenian media superstar, on episode 14 of his English-language Storming Mortal podcast. We talked about publishing, Star Trek, drafts, and a lot more. It was a great conversation.

Vector 37

State of the digital comics

I was pleased to be invited by the lovely Rene Ritchie onto his Vector podcast. We talked about digital comics (right before Comixology pulled the rug out from under us on in-app purchases), publishing, Apple, entertainment, and other stuff.

Pocket Sized Podcast 150

Different Visions of Doom

I was happy to join Ronnie and Scott on the Pocket Sized Podcast to talk about various visions of Apple doom throughout the ages, wearables, and whether there will soon be a “next big thing” to match the iPhone.

MacBreak Weekly 395


I was thrilled to have Rene Ritchie there in person during my appearance on MacBreak Weekly. We talked about Apple and Comcast, rumors of a retina MacBook Air, the iWatch, and more.

Two-minute Time Lord 339

Doctor Who's Annual Checkup

Big fun to be on the first “Doctor Who” podcast I ever discovered, the Two-minute Time Lord, with Chip Sudderth, who I have now met (thrice!) and had on The Incomparable as well. He’s a great guy and this was a fun interview.

Anodised 2.4

Self-Driving Zeppelin

The Incomparable’s own Superfan, Clinton Phillips, had me on his excellent (yet upside-down) Anodised podcast. We talked about The Incomparable, podcasting, what qualifies as art, and the strengths of different storytelling forms. Plus lots more. This was a really, really fun one, mixing up the tech and the cultural.

Not Playing 12

I Karate Kid You Not

Wax on, wax off, wax nostalgic: It’s the season finale of Not Playing, and we have both a special guest and a special movie.

Neither Lex or Dan had ever seen the seminal 1984 martial arts classic The Karate Kid. And neither had The Incomparable host Jason Snell, who joins us to watch one of Ralph Macchio’s finest performances.

Hot topics include Elisabeth Shue’s sweater collection, the power of the montage, and whether Mr. Miyagi is kind of a jerk—if a preternaturally good karate teacher. Sweep the leg!

Radio Free Skaro 408

The Case of the Missing Episodes

I went to the Gallifrey One “Doctor Who” convention and was interviewed (alongside Erika Ensign of Verity! and The Incomparable) by two-thirds of the Three Who Rule for the Radio Free Skaro podcast.

TWiT 444

Well Played Mr. Dong

I was on the Big Show, TWiT, with an all-star cast. We talked about hacking, credit cards, Bitcoin, and more.

New Disruptors 58

Gaze Deeply Into My Crowdfunding Navel

Guest host Jason Snell talks to regular host Glenn Fleishman about Glenn’s recent Kickstarter campaign to fund a book of non-fiction articles from The Magazine. Jason, host of The Incomparable and an editorial director at a major magazine firm, quizzes Glenn about failure, success, fulfillment (product and otherwise), and the reason we solicit funds from our fans, friends, family, and strangers.

Your Daily Lex 8

It's a Jason Snelltacular!

Last Monday, Scott McNulty became the first guest on Your Daily Lex. Today, Jason Snell becomes the second. Learn about when I begged to get hired by Macworld, failed, succeeded, and then quit!

MacVoices 13.212

Apple in 2014, Podcasting and Geek Culture

Jason Snell of IDG helps us wrap up the year with a look at where Apple is, the trends that are shaping the company, and where they need to go from here. Jason also talks about the rise of geek culture and the effect is has had on media and society, and why he he has a personal passion for podcasting.

TWiT 434

Murder, She Blogged

Bitcoin hits $1000, music on YouTube, Microsoft leadership, Yahoo celebs, and more.

The Prompt 23

Radioactive Chocolate Cake

This week, Jason Snell puts on his best Italian accent and joins Stephen and Myke to talk about online collaboration, keyboards and the third rail of 5by5 podcasting — comic books.

Mac Power Users 155

Jason Snell Returns

Katie and David sit down again with Jason Snell of Macworld/PC World and TechHive to discuss how his workflows have evolved since our last episode. We talk about managing email and tasks, his preference for smaller devices, writing novels, podcasting and more.

Show Me Your Mic 30

Jason Snell

For a very special 30th episode of Show Me Your Mic I got to join Jason Snell at the Macworld offices in San Francisco and chat with Jason about The Incomparable, an award-winning weekly show about geeky cultural topics in numerous media, including books, movies, TV, comics, and games.