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TV Talk Machine #247b March 26, 2020

Pandemic Bonus: Tim TV

We’re in lockdown. Tim’s not even at home right now. We hope to be back sometime. In the interim, here’s our member special from 2017 in which Tim programmed his own streaming service.

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Show Notes


Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos

The Shield, Buffy

The Americans, Game of Thrones

Fargo, Rectify

The West Wing, The X-Files, Northern Exposure

Louie, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, South Park

Battlestar Galactica

Bob’s Burgers


Prime Suspect, Cracker, Life on Mars, Monty Python

Adam 12, Dragnet, Hill Street Blues, Homicide, NYPD Blue, Southland

(And the Fan TV app.)