Pandemic Bonus: “Star Wars” commentary track

In the interest of keeping you entertained if you’re locked indoors, here’s a full-length commentary track for one of our favorite movies, the original “Star Wars,” recorded in 2018. Play this commentary, press play on the movie when we tell you to, and it’ll be like you’re watching the movie with a bunch of friends!

Note: You have to play it at 1x speed and with all silence-shortening features turned off on your podcast player or it won’t stay synced.

This version has been edited to match the runtime of the Special Edition cut of “Star Wars”, which is the version you’ll find on DVD, iTunes, and Disney+.

(We actually watched the “despecialized” edition that matches the original 1977 version of this film, and you can find that version of our commentary track here. If you’re in the UK or elsewhere that has a sped-up PAL version of the movie, you can listen to re-timed versions of our commentary for PAL special edition and PAL despecialized.)

This track was originally made as a special for Incomparable members. We’ve done a bunch more since. If you’d like access to every members special we’ve ever done, become a member!

Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Dan Moren, Kelly Guimont, Monty Ashley and Shannon Sudderth

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