Gear We Use

Jason's Setup

  • Blue Yeti microphone: I highly recommend it as an affordable yet great-sounding microphone for almost any podcaster. It's tunable so it can be used as an omnidirectional microphone or to capture just your voice. A headphone jack means you can hear yourself and the people you're talking to on Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • Heil PL2T boom: Boom arm for microphone attached to the desk.
  • Blue Radius shock mount: Get yourself a shock mount so that every time you touch your desk it doesn't sound like there's a nuclear explosion.
  • Nady clamp-on pop filter: Make those positively pernicious p-sounds stop popping
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: High-quality HD video webcam
  • Zoom H4N recorder: Portable flash-memory recorder for when I'm traveling. Works with two external XLR microphones.
  • Skype Call Recorder for Mac - Records both ends of a Skype conversation on separate tracks. Extremely handy.

Other equipment:

Other people's setups

  • Heil PR-40: Andy Ihnatko uses this microphone in his home studio, attached to a Shure X2U XLR-to-USB interface.
  • Shure PG42-USB: John Siracusa uses this excellent mic, which has its own headphone jack.
  • Rode Podcaster: Glenn Fleishman uses this USB microphone, and travels with a Tascam DR-40 portable recorder.
  • Audio-Technica AT2020: Serenity Caldwell uses a set of these for in-house recording. She uses an Audio-Technica AT8010 for sound effects and on-the-road recording. And a Blue Icicle to power the cardiods and send the signal to her Mac.
  • Sennheiser PC131 headset: Steve Lutz says that this headset sounds way better than it has any right to, which is why he continues to use it, despite owning a Blue Yeti. The Yeti's current task is to hold down a chunk of foam keyboard wrist guard that I will eventually use to dampen vibrations transmitted from the computer through the desk. This is because his desk chair is a PosturePedic #13730 (formerly available at Staples) - which screeches like a pissed-off pterodactyl if he so much as blinks while sitting in it, likely owing to the litter dust billowing from the nearby Boots & Barkley X Large Enclosed Cat Pan, which is quite possibly the single most essential piece of podcasting equipment Steve owns. If you think he seems distracted by the earthy stank of partially buried logs, just think how incoherent he would be if the cats simply crapped on the floor moments before each episode.