Pundit Showdown: Rivalry of the Fruits

The Pundit Showdown returns with a year-end edition that covers the Surface Book, Jimmy Iovine, Jessica Jones, emoji, and a visit to the Festivus pole.

Pundit Showdown: Breakfast Octopus

With an Apple media event on the horizon, it’s time for a return to the Pundit Showdown! Four pundits vie to become our latest champion! Let’s go to the tote board!

Pundit Showdown: International Incident

The Pundit Showdown returns with our panel of four technology experts answering host Philip Michaels’ questions in hopes of earning points and glory! But which panelist will strain international relationships to the breaking point? (Hint: He has a beard.)

Pundit Showdown: February Flashback Edition

There was a time when our thoughts turned to Super Bowls and holiday-quarter Apple financial results and the death of the Shack. That long-ago time was February 2015, when Philip Michaels dusted off the old Pundit Showdown format he stole from the BBC and took it to a new level.

That episode was, for reasons undisclosed, never made available publicly. Until now. Does it augur future episodes of the Pundit Showdown here at The Incomparable Game Show? Only time will tell…