The Incomparable

“Jessica Jones” comes to TeeVee

Today we’re adding the Netflix/Marvel series “Jessica Jones” to our list of shows being covered by the TeeVee podcast. When I saw Aleen Simms suggest on Twitter that she simply must do a podcast about Jessica Jones, I suggested she host it for TeeVee, and she agreed! It’s fun to have new hosts on the network, and I’ve appreciated Aleen’s work at Less Than or Equal for a while now.

TeeVee holds a special place in my heart. This entire network is actually an outgrowth of the classic site that I started in the mid-’90s with a bunch of my friends from college, including many that podcast listeners know: Philip Michaels, Steve Lutz, Monty Ashley, Greg Knauss, and Lisa Schmeiser. I also liked the idea of having a place we could talk about TV, rather than cluttering up the main Incomparable feed with all of those “Doctor Who” flashcasts. TeeVee lets us do that, while also offering per-show feeds for people who only want to hear us talk about “The Flash” or “Arrow” or “Doctor Who” or “Game of Thrones” or, as of today, “Jessica Jones.”

—Jason Snell